Small Redemption

Very strange day after yesterday’s events in Washington. Now people are talking about “acquittal” but how do you acquit someone who’s confessed and was never tried for the crime?

I woke up this morning with the feeling that the world as I know it died some time back and the coroner gave us the report in the spurious vote of the Senate yesterday.

I was very depressed and wrote the darkest story I’ve ever written, then decided to frame a painting, then rode the bike-to-nowhere 10 miles listening to disco music. While I was riding I decided to put paintings on my website formerly reserved for books. In the process, I decided to redo the website. Now I’m looking at an incredible sunset. The photos never do the sunsets justice, but I took one anyway.

There’s no redemption except in the moment and I’m happy I was able to pull a decent day out of one that started as bleak as my story. I hope I can do better tomorrow, at least for the dogs who had a crappy day except for barking at the squirrel.

10 thoughts on “Small Redemption

  1. As you know I try not to be political in my posts. I do however have my passport and I’ve heard that Canada is lovely. Perhaps they will have better treatment of asylum seekers that the US… I hope it doesn’t come to that and in the interim I will be voting blue from my red state!

    • I try not to be political, too, but I fail (as you know) 🙂 I’ll also vote blue from my red part of this purple state. Everyone should regardless of their preferences. What happened yesterday is dangerous and sad.

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