We got an inch of snow yesterday and we had a very cold night. I figured there would be a “golden hour” to get out there and see how things are going now that I’ve been walking a LOT and working on stretching my quads.

Beautiful morning and I did find the golden hour.

The tracks are “decent.” I’ve skied worse and been happy about it. Because of the recent thaws and freezes, they were some icy spots. No surprise. Just slick enough to make skiing uphill on north-facing slopes a no go, but that’s OK. I can herringbone up the few little hills I have to contend with. It’s a golf course, not the Himalaya. I had to “ski” across one patch of dirt but OH WELL.

It went very well. Better than my previous three experiments. I might have groused about things this past month but it seems I was doing the right thing NOT skiing and walking Bear and Teddy instead. Today, the foot never hurt; I was able to get a decent kick, and I went at a good speed, not that I was in a hurry. I feel much more confident.

My sojourn was blessed by the birds — hundreds of geese lifted from a pond soon after I started and circled above me. About halfway through, I was saluted by a bald eagle.

I’m so happy.

Not exactly the wilderness, but, in winter, not exactly not the wilderness.

17 thoughts on “Finally

  1. Congratulations! As frustrating as it is when we are derailed of our daily activities that we enjoy, it’s always best to take the time to heal.

  2. Yay fantastic! It’s good to hear you are feeling better and I can see why you feel happy with those lovely snow-filled views!

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