Cabin Fever? Not Exactly…

I have not been out of the San Luis Valley since September. That’s a record. I love it here, it is Heaven, but damn… I have not talked to a person in the flesh since my birthday 2 1/2 weeks ago. Yeah, I’ve been busy, and I am an introvert, but seriously? In the first place, I don’t have a lot of friends and here in winter people hibernate. I think a lot of people make quilts and do other stuff inside. I’m one of the few people who’s outside everyday.

I’d hoped to do a lot of X-country skiing but discovered the first time out that 1) my quads had shortened from the months of rehabbing the foot meaning NOT walking and just riding the bike-to-nowhere so, 2) I was having problems getting a good kick which requires extending the leg, 3) the foot, while healed, could only stand to ski for about 1/2 mile. I pushed it, but why hurt myself? I’m not going to. When I figured out what was different between this year and last year I realized I had to focus on walking for a while and langlauf if I was lucky. When I started, a mile and a half (in snow) was the limit of a walk before my foot hurt, now I’m going much farther (in snow). BUT the snow is melting. On the other paw, the dogs are happy to be going out again and so am I. I realize how much I like walking them.

We have a month before the golf course will open to golfers. I hope to get the most out of February no matter what it is. And, some property owner out there in the back-of-beyond has put a locked gate across what was once part of our favorite walk. I understand why — lots of kids driving on that “road” — but it’s really too bad. 😦 Plus the incredible amounts of cow manure on what was once a beautiful nearby trail to the river and the damage to everything growing there… I don’t know about people.

The last time we had legitimate snow was December 20. For a while that was fine because temps stayed below freezing, but now? Every day seeks to imitate spring and hits the 40 F/4 C or above.

It’s all worse because the end of 2019 was very exciting with shows, and readings, and radio appearances. 2019 had its problems, but it was an exceedingly productive year for me as a writer. The thing is, I like to write, but I don’t have a story. I’ve often thought that the times Hemingway didn’t have a story were the times that depressed him and he regarded the blank page as the “white bull.” It must have been hard on him with publishers waiting for a manuscript and sitting there with nothing to say. The uninitiated believe that writers are subject to depression because they write. No. It’s NOT writing that’s depressing.

And money. Prices on things go up all the time and I am, right now, trying very hard to pay off debt rather than incurring more.

Anyway, I’m thinking that this coming week I might just take Bella up to Wolf Creek Ski Area where there is a X-country area and ski as long as I can. Wolf Creek ALWAYS has the most snow of any ski area in Colorado. It has a 75 inch base last time I checked and the X-country ski area is groomed. I just hope I can ski long/far enough to make it worth the trip. I’m also a little worried about the “take a friend” warning. I don’t have one. My outdoor friends are four-legged. Bear has to be leashed. I have yet to figure out how to ski with a leashed dog.

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  1. Would it be a waste even if you didn’t ski? Is there somewhere at Wolf Creek that you could leave your name and the area where you will be skiiing and a return time, so they can look out for you if you don’t get back as scheduled?

    Winter tends to be a time for hibernation here too, but now summer is also like that. I went out for a walk yesterday and the day before. First time in two months. It is so nice just to say hello and have a quick chat with people working in their gardens.

  2. Have you considered skijoring, not so that Bear (or Teddy) can pull you, necessarily (but that could be fun, depending on your/their control), but because they would be leashed to you? I bought skijoring harnesses for my two previous Malamutes, thinking what fun it would be to have them hooked together on a coupler, then connected to me with one long bungy-like cord connected to a belt around my waist. Only problem: they didn’t want to pull! But they were happy to move at my xc skiing pace, keeping the cord between us taught so I never skied over it. It worked well, and if I had to, I could grab the cord to keep them from pulling/running after something. It would also work decently if Bear/Teddy just trotted alongside you, although poling on that side might be a bit challenging. I don’t use this setup with Conall now only because my ski area allows dogs off leash. Skijoring harnesses for dogs and people are much cheaper these days, so the up-front investment isn’t too horrible like it was when I bought my set of two around 2000. You might even be able to find a used setup online.
    I think a trip to Wolf Creek will lift your spirits regardless how far you ski. Being able to take one of the dogs would make it even sweeter. Go for it!

    • Thank you! Teddy might take to it since he doesn’t want me out of his sight and we have worked with a waist belt leash pretty well.

      I definitely need to raise my spirits — recovering (nearly 3 months!) from the broken foot, then the head bashing, the impeachment — not to whine (more) but yeah. Maybe anyone’s spirits would droop. 🙂

  3. We are in the grey days here. Not a bit of sunny weather just the dreary grey of winter. And the mind numbing temps. We had rain and snow today with more forecast. It rains and then freezes with a deceptive dusting of snow. Makes walking to the mailbox an adventure. I hope our cold temps move your way and winter hangs on in your area a little longer…

  4. I think everyone is feeling a bit mopey unless they are Australian, in which case they are feeling much worse. If I were a prayer, I’d be praying that we elect someone who doesn’t make me feel like puking every time he’s on the TV.

    I have always thought our dogs ought to try doing a little work. The dogs do not agree.

    • I think you’re right 🙁 I’m very depressed by the situation in Washington. It was a long rehab with the broken foot and then falling on my face a few weeks ago was just one more thing. I had a week when I was tired and had a black eye. Oh well. Into each life etc.

  5. Could you try roller skiing on the road? I don’t ski but have seen this in the summer when we went to Northern Italy.

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