Rio Grande in January (Natural Pigments Day #4)

I don’t know if it’s finished. It will depend what the colors do as the paint dries.

When I paint, I tend to bring bring what I love closer to me in the painting and make the things I love larger than in real life or laws of perspective allow. When I began this, the mountain was immense, something you’d see in the Cascades, maybe.

And when I finished the painting I saw I’d brought the river closer to the shore than it actually is in real life. Two things I love most here are the mountains and my river. I dealt with the mountain today, but did not move the river. Just imagine I took a few more steps… ❤

8 thoughts on “Rio Grande in January (Natural Pigments Day #4)

  1. It is lovely to see how you compose your paintings. I did not notice the mountain in the potentially finished work. I was looking so much at the grasses and river. So it was only when I scrolled down to the next shot that I saw a mountain so of course I then was scrolling up and down. Wonderful location. I like that you create from what you see, your own vision.

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