Daffy Dog

“Are you going to take me? Me? Is it my turn? My turn? Me?”

“Yes, Teddy. Just chill. I have to put my boots on.”

“Are they on? What about Bear?”

“I can’t take you both. Last time I tried, you guys pulled me down on my face on a dirt road.”

“That was bad.”

“I was hurt worse right here and you guys weren’t even involved,” I think.

“How about now? Are we going now?”

“Yes.” I turn to my beautiful livestock guardian friend dog. “Bear, it’s Teddy’s turn.”

Bear sits as if she understands. (She does.) I open the front door. Teddy bounds off the step into the snow 8 feet away. He leaps through his footprints in the snow then considers new snow and looks at me.

“Go for it, little dude.”

An 8 foot leap 3 feet up, plop. He runs around. I hold up his halter so he can see it. He runs to the gate and sits. What that guy has learned he’s learned well.

Our walk is a litany of smells, sights, people, snow. Once home, I take off Teddy’s halter and he runs to the front door. BEAR is behind that door and in the last half hour he’s missed her SO MUCH. I open the door and he leaps onto Bear. They growl, wrestle, hug.

“Get out of here, you goofballs.”


13 thoughts on “Daffy Dog

  1. Loki is in heaven. We got 6 inches of snow last night and he does the same, bounds and jumps 6 feet (probably more) since he seems to end up higher than my son who stands 6 ft. and tosses and rolls and yes smiles..ear to ear…absolutely adorable. My son took a tennis ball out and threw it and he bounded around catching tossing hiding finding it for an hour. He was overjoyed. I think someone could steal him with a tennis ball…he loves them more than treats and THAT is going some. Wished I could get a picture so you could enjoy with me, for I know you would!

  2. I smiled all the way through this post! Ranger was very cat like when it came to snow. He’d be excited about it for a hot minute and them act like it was lava and he wouldn’t want it to touch his feet. He was a very quirky dog… So glad yours both love the snow!

    • They do love it. My mom’s dog was “catlike” with the snow, too. He was a miniature poodle, but other than snow, you’d think he was a dog like Bear. Very brave and dauntless.

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