Natural Pigments, Day 3

Every tool has limited use. Today I tried painting an apple using only the natural pigments and it was a no go. The apple looked more like a tomato. The red — Pozzuoli Red — is too orange. My whole goal was to discover the powers of these colors then maybe add to them as I learned things. Today I ended up adding alizarin crimson, one of my favorite colors, and, also, a color used (sparingly) in medieval times. It’s truly one of the most beautiful colors I know. ❀

11 thoughts on “Natural Pigments, Day 3

  1. #2 and #3 would be good apples if you changed the leaves around the stem (apples don’t have leaves there). The crimson apple is lovely!

    • That blue amazes me. Every other blue seems fake, but maybe I’m just in love. πŸ™‚ The backdrop is a Thangka hanging on the wall in my “studio” (playroom).

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