“We Really Need More Snow”

Around here in winter there are a lot of empty houses. One of my nearest neighbors heads south in October and returns in April. Back in October, when I hadn’t seen the kids for a while, then saw their mom she said, “When I didn’t see you for so long I figured you went to Texas or something.”

“Why in hell would I go to Texas?” (No offense, Texas.)

“Lots of people do.”

“Not me. I moved here for the cold.”

“I like it too,” she said.

There are two ways to like the bitter cold (it is bitterly cold). You can authentically LIKE it (I do) or you can say, “Well, I can’t go anywhere, anyway, ‘If winter comes can spring be far behind’,” and welcome the flood of seed catalogs into your mailbox, your living room, your life. It’s porn for people in the back of beyond who love to garden. Not my porn, but a lot of people’s. So many that it’s a good bet for Burpee to send these shiny, bright things out randomly to certain zip codes.

I’m lucky that I live in a frigid place where the sun shines most of the time. It’s like living in a shining crystal. The mountains on both sides are snow-covered, the Great Sand Dunes are white, animal tracks are easy to see in the snow. I dunno. Bear would rather just stay outside all the time. Teddy jumps and leaps in rapture in deep snow. Truly, the last place I would go now is a south sea island.

My mailman hands me more seed catalogs and tells me I’m a crazy lady.

* The featured photo is my neighbor and his little tractor plowing out the alley a year ago today when we got 12 inches of heavy snow. As for the sidewalk, I shoveled it. My neighbor ran across the street and we did the last 20 feet together because that’s how things work. It’s my next-door neighbor’s sidewalk. They were out of town, but not to Texas.

**Anyone who has more snow than they need, advise the weather gods that Monte Vista needs more. Thank you.


15 thoughts on ““We Really Need More Snow”

  1. We may be getting snow this coming week, but I confess, I am not looking forward to it. No one here knows how to drive in it, or clear it from the roads. But the upside is that, if it comes, it looks pretty for a couple of days, then vanishes without a trace. That’s enough for me after living for 45 years on the prairies…

    • A lot of people get over snow. I guess living in Southern California (without especially wanting to) did the opposite to me. Where I lived, it snowed in the mountains a few times every winter and they closed the highway. There was a 6000 foot pass across the Laguna Mountains and obviously most people living in SoCal weren’t prepared for that. Snow came fast and hard when it came. We once got 18 inches in 3 hours. I have only met a couple other people here who like being out in this stuff. Most people hibernate. 😀

  2. “living in a shining crystal” love that cause when the sun shines brightly, it doesn’t matter how cold it is. And since you love the cold, it’s perfection in a nutshell. Not many can say they live in a place they truly love!

  3. We had freezing rain – yuck! It is not at all pleasant. I’d much rather have snow instead of ice storms… But truly I’d miss the changing seasons if I lived in the south. There the seasons are warm, hot, hot and rainy, hot and windy. It wouldn’t feel like Christmas without some cold weather and a little snow! I hope you get your wish and Bear is able to enjoy the white stuff!

  4. Can’t agree more.. We all need snow, the more, the merrier..
    Please send the snow Gods to India. It doesn’t snow over here in most of the places.. ❄️

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