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Living on the Circumference - Finding the Center

My niece recently joined the Navy – approximately six months ago. In her late 20’s, with no real direction in life, she enlisted. My father and his brothers all served in the Navy during WWII and the Korean conflict. I don’t know if that is why she chose the Navy, but I suspect it could have influenced her decision. Either way, I am very proud of her.

During the short time she has served, my niece has found a place and a purpose. Because she is a little older than most recruits, it took her a while to find friends. To her surprise, she appreciated the structure the Navy life provided. To quote her, she said, “It makes me feel safe.”

She has been in Spain for several months. My understanding was that her ship, a Destroyer, would return to the U.S. in May. But…

Yesterday my sister called.


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