Here’s my jubilant little crooked lopsided bow-legged self out there in Blissland having NO problems skiing with my friend. (Yay foot!!!) We’ve talked about it for at least two years, but various problems kept it from happening. The snow was perfect — slick and fast. It’s been below freezing since it fell which means beautiful, perfect, snow. ❤

Replete, of course, by fox and rabbit tracks…

I have nothing more to say other than I’m VERY happy and looking forward to more adventures as the winter progresses, god willing and I’m not ambushed again by a perfectly flat harmless grassy trail.

Happy selfie

P.S. It seems that anyone who wants to know what my dad looked like can pretty much see from looking at me. Ah, DNA

26 thoughts on “LANGLAUF!!!!

    • The best time. You have a nice weekend, too.

      You know, sometimes I want to write you something small in Chinese, but I don’t have the keyboard. Once I saw one of Li Bai’s poems (that I know) on your blog. Where are you? If you are in China, please tell it hello for me and that I will never, ever forget it or all the kindness I experienced so long ago when I was teaching there. ❤

  1. “Blissland” – love it! Glad your foot cooperated. Let the ski season begin! Enjoyed my own Blissland today, first xc ski of the season with my Malamute Conall for company. (We have a wonderful dog-friendly/dogs-off-leash groomed area here.) Our snow isn’t as perfect as yours, but it’ll do for December 🙂

  2. Oh, hurray! You’ve finally done it! That looks like perfect snow (any snow that hasn’t been spoiled by footprints is perfect in my view), and I’m so glad you were able to get out and enjoy it.

  3. Oh Martha, I’m so envious – it all looks so beautiful in your part of the world! It’s just pouring with rain all the time here – dull and wet with floods all over the place. It’s nice to see that someone is getting some proper festive weather. Enjoy it for me! 🙂

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