The Kind of Problem only Fortunate People Have

There is great snow (8 inches and cold snow, beautiful snow, perfect snow, everyone says so) out there and perfect temps, but still I know it would be stupid to attempt to Langlauf with a foot that is MOSTLY fine but still not TOTALLY fine. I’m trying hard not to feel sorry for myself but would I be writing this if I were succeeding completely?

In other (less whiney) news…

I emerged from my house yesterday to find the front sidewalk had been cleared by my next-door neighbor, and I had only to shovel the walk leading from my house and my driveway. Calloo! Callay! I went to the alley and discovered someone had shoveled a little path in the snow to my driveway. Wow. Once there, I saw a neighbor had his little tractor out and he said, “You want me to clear that for you?”

My driveway is a pain to shovel because the only open area is the end of it but piling snow there can leave me stuck in the driveway SO… to clear it requires a lot of carrying and tossing of filled snow shovels.

“I won’t say no,” I said and watched him clear it. I might not even ever worry about it, but the driveway is on the north side of a 6 foot fence (2 meters) and can get very icy with the melt and refreeze process that comes inevitably with winter. What a wonderful early Christmas present all that was!

So…I have waited a YEAR to langlauf. I’m kicking myself for not leaving California years and years ago so I’d have had more chances. It wasn’t enough to move up to the mountains there. I should have come HERE. I’m annoyed at myself for being so old. The whole thing is a big drag and pisses me off and then the little voice says… “You idiot. You CAN walk. You ARE healthy. The foot has steadily improved, sure, slowly, but you’re not a kid anymore and circulation to the feet isn’t great, as we know. It isn’t even actually WINTER yet. There’s time! AND you have Bella! You’re not stuck with snow on the golf course now. You can DRIVE to higher elevation snow, mountain snow, in the spring if you have to. Your blood sugar is down. You’ve been famous twice. You have friends you love and who love you. Bear and Teddy are having a great time in the snow without you. You are finally interested in the story you’re writing. You’re getting some cool paint in the mail soon. Remember, “Into each life a little rain must fall.”

Thanks for “listening.”

19 thoughts on “The Kind of Problem only Fortunate People Have

  1. Oh how we berate ourselves for not doing stuff we had no way of knowing we should have done at the time. I am berating myself for not buying a house with no stairs when I had no reason to know I wouldn’t be able to climb a few stairs. Or for that matter, not understanding that our driveway is a horror because we’d never lived in the country. Or for not getting properly done vinyl siding, roofing, and gutters — even though I had reason to believe I was using a normal contractor.

    Garry berates himself for buying expensive clothing and not buying a piece of land on Martha’s Vineyard.

    All of us berate ourselves for the stupidity of getting old when we were supposed to be spry, supple, and able forever.

    I’m currently hating both Social Security and Blue Cross, but I’ll probably get over it tomorrow. Or Thursday at the latest. Hang on in there. January has GOT to be better.

    • Thank you. I hope so. I’m hanging on hoping I’ll be able to go ski at a ranch that opens for cross-country skiers once a year.

      I berate myself for either NOT staying in my Sa Diego house until I retired because it would have been worth like 1/5 million at that point — and paid for OR not taking the money I had when I DID sell it and moving here instead of staying in CA. I think the list is pretty long and stupid because what can we do over? And what do we know about ourselves while we’re in the rush of that whole shadow show? I didn’t know who I was until I retired and had a year to think about it. πŸ˜€

  2. I’ve been in Florida since 1980, leaving Minnesota. You do the math. I can’t go home again. Too cold! Brrrr just reading your post gives me chills. I loved the toboggan, hated to stop and climb back up the hills. Some things I miss and regret, but not snow.

    • I lived 30 years in Southern California — occasional snow in the mountains east of town. I lived for that, honestly. I wish I’d paid better attention. I was -9 when I got up this morning. I would hate Florida — isn’t amazing how we’re all the same species but not? πŸ™‚

  3. I like listening too! Indeed, a little rain must fall on us all at times. Still, you can still count your blessings and that’s a real positive. And at least your rain is pretty snow at the moment – ours is still dreary old rain! And thanks for the Kate Bush song – I was a massive fan. πŸ™‚

    • That song is my anthem. Once I the late 80s I read that dogs can’t hear music. I thought that was wrong. SO every day before we went “running up that hill” I played that song as I got ready. Soon the dogs KNEW what the song was about. Then, all the way up to the hills I played the tape (yes!) I love that song and her voice is amazing. When I hear it, I feel “FREEDOM!!!!!!” ❀

  4. I had to look up langlauf! I’ve only been cross country skiing twice. It was fun but so so so cold. Just thinking about it makes me want to go make hot chocolate! Thanks for the video – Kate Bush does have an angelic voice…

    • Hot chocolate goes well with Cross Country Skiing. I started using “Langlauf” when one of the people whose blog I follow reminded me that’s the German word. It’s less trouble than “Cross Country Skiing” or “Nordic Skiing.” My license plate now is “Lnglauf”

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