Today I Walked My Dog

A major storm is going to hit Sunday. What this means is — ahead of the storm — warm temps and wind, so, unable to “bear” it any more (ha ha) I surrendered to the pleading eyes of my big white dog. We assayed forth — our fourth walk into the big empty since I hurt my foot at the end of September and my second without a cane.

I like my cane/trekking poles. It (they) add stability and take pressure off my (fucked up) knees, but using one makes it hard to handle a leashed dog, and Bear must be leashed.

Days like today are among my favorite. Last time we were out — Tuesday this week — I carefully walked only a mile. I was afraid of over-doing it, but I also had a hard time stopping. It was so beautiful that I wanted to go and go and go and go but…

Today we went and went and went, hoping to see the small herd of deer that was hanging around last year. No sign of them this year, not even the tracks of my deers. I was sorry. They were a wonderful thing to visit every day, but we did hear the cry of a fox. It was too windy for birds, just one lone sparrow struggling against the wind.

But the light on a wind-washed day like this one, ahhh…. Bear found many patches of soft snow to roll in. She discovered many scents to examine and left messages of her own. We’ve missed these moments of intense camaraderie over the nearly 3 months since our last real walk. And the best walks are winter walks, anyway. The best thing about days like this one is most people don’t like walking in the wind. I love it.

My foot started hurting — nothing major, nothing unbearable — but enough to be irritating, a warning, “Turn around.” We did.

When I checked the software I run on my phone to keep track of walks I was pleased. Bear and I stop A LOT. She has to smell things and I have to look at the changing light on the mountain ranges, especially with storms swirling around like today. We walked 46 minute miles, but the uninterrupted time was a respectable (to me) 9 minute mile. I think walking with me would be maddening for normal people, but since I believe my dog deserves a dog walk meaning ample opportunity for her to do Bear things, I’m OK with a slow ramble. It’s not like there’s anywhere to go anyway. We are already there. ❤

31 thoughts on “Today I Walked My Dog

  1. Much to smell when it is windy too. 🙂 I bet it is nice just to be outside again. I can understand how bear feels. We have been trapped inside too for weeks, but thankfully the wind was blowing in the right direction (for us) today.

  2. You are already there and Bear’s not timing you. You sound happy with the walk, Martha. I miss your posts so this was great hearing from you. Teddy is being a good boy?

    • Teddy is the best little (canine) guy in the world. I need to give him a walk, but I don’t know when his chance will come. I was very happy with the walk and so was Bear who’s been physically touching me since we returned except over night. No dogs in my room. She’s sleeping on my foot right now. ❤

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