What Are You Doing For the Holidays? Tips For Coping

Good thoughts and advice for living through Christmas…

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Many people love this time of year. They happily answer questions about their holiday plans. They start with Halloween and keep the party going until New Year’s Day. Every season of the year brings out themed decorations, but nothing compares to Christmas. I know people who put up at least four Christmas trees in their houses – full sized trees! The outside of the house sparkles with lights and lawn ornaments. They love to bake, throw parties, and make the most of the time they can spend with family and friends.

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For many people, this time of year is stressful, which can bring on anxiety and depression. Asking them about the holidays brings up difficult emotions. There can be a lot of pressure to visit family that requires traveling. Some people experience lonliness during the holidays; possibly because they are alone or they don’t have family nearby…

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5 thoughts on “What Are You Doing For the Holidays? Tips For Coping

  1. These are indeed a great tips. Even though I do spend Christmas with Family it does get kind of lonely because of the people who are no longer here.

    I also stress out on what to get people. I have been told not to get any of the adults in one family anything but the kids (oh about 7 or 10 by now) only. I get gifts for my brother’s young adult kids but usually its gift cards.

    I also stress out because as of right now I have only sent out 2 Christmas cards. The rest of the list will get e-cards.

    So what are you doing?

    • Oh yesterday I woke up and thought, ‘Holy crap I have a lot to do!’ It was 6 am. I felt like I had a job again. But I have company coming today and a book thing tomorrow and someone bought some paintings and I have to get them to her yada yada 😀 SO…I finished my Christmas cards, wrapped presents, bought the final one and I think by Wednesday next week I’ll be done with the whole (shit) show and I can enjoy whatever the season brings my way.

      BUT I miss my aunts very much and would really give a lot to be in a car with them some cold December night in Montana driving to Laurel to “see the lights.” At least I knew at the time it was great and I savored it. ❤

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