Another Radio Spot

I just got back from the big city of Alamosa. I went to the KRZA radio station to do an interview about the China book and what I plan to read/talk about this coming Saturday. It was another interesting interview, and it was cool to meet the program director, Mike Clifford, who did this interview and the earlier one.

If you want to listen in, it will air tomorrow, December 4, at 8 am MST and again at 7:30 PM MST. I got to talk a little bit about Switzerland and Martin of Gfenn.

You can stream it here, by scrolling down to the KRZA Live Stream button and then clicking on the play arrow on the next page that opens.

10 thoughts on “Another Radio Spot

  1. Well done, Martha! Sadly with the time differences over here I haven’t been able to listen to the interview, but if you get a recording of it I’d love to hear it. I really like their building though – it looks a very cool station. 🙂

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