A Little Snow, a Little Thanks, some Little Paintings

A little snow in the back of beyond, but enough to make me happy and plan a walk with Bear later when people are eating their turkey dinners and watching football.

Yesterday, having had so much fun painting little trees the day before, I got up and rather than spending my morning attempting to write the novel that is still pretty vague to me, I went right to the “play room” and starting painting.

It confused Bear. I’m supposed to be here, in this chair, typing on this keyboard and drinking coffee. She hates change. I imagine all livestock guardian dogs hate change, change meaning, “Something’s wrong!!! OMG! Is it a bear? Is it a cougar? Is it TEDDY!!!!!?

The hood…

I wish everyone a… Happy Historical Thanksgiving

12 thoughts on “A Little Snow, a Little Thanks, some Little Paintings

  1. A very happy Thanksgiving for you, with snow for you and Bear, and some joyous painting! I’m in Santa Barbara — thankful that Monday night’s fire didn’t burn into town, thankful that it was put out by rain after 24 hours and 4300 acres, thankful for friends and family, and thankful to be able to relax!

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  2. Your description of Bear’s response to a change in routine made me chuckle! We had an Australian Shepherd… routine = good, change = bad! I can see his eyes with that worried expression!!

    • Bear is definitely dependent on certain things happening at a certain time in a certain way. It’s funny (except when it’s maddening.) She’ll check to see if I’m doing what I am supposed to be doing at a certain time of day. If not, she worries. And yeah; like your Aussie you can see it on her face.

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