Little Christmas Paintings

I got the idea of doing tiny paintings as Christmas ornaments from Chris Mallaband-Brown who did many lovely ones to sell at a craft show. Her’s are far more sophisticated than mine. They’re very tiny — 2 x 3 inches (in metric more-or-less 4 cm x 6 cm) so there’s not a lot of space for, you know, a story painting.

I shared them on Facebook and an artist friend said, “You should sell them at the museum” so I contacted the museum and they said, “Absolutely!” So now I’m a famous painter. They all have a bit of glitter but it doesn’t show in the photos. The trees are the biggest hit so far (which is why there are so many — two of them are already sold).

I hope to have 12 I can take on Friday with some kind of display that I have yet to figure out. Ideas welcome. It has to be cheap, simple and homemade. I thought of getting a tumbleweed and sticking it in some clay and hanging them from the “branches.”

Then this one, which isn’t for sale…

24 thoughts on “Little Christmas Paintings

    • That would be nice — but not likely. I’m thinking of a fence board I have that I could easily pound nails into. It wouldn’t be shaped like a Christmas tree, but it would fit the space… I could paint it to look like a, uh, fence with snow on the top.

  1. Love these! Love your style. If I decorated for the holidays, I’d be placing an order, especially if you did custom dog scenes like the one of your dogs πŸ™‚ You should consider setting up an Etsy page, just for the season; I’m sure you’d sell as many as you have the desire and energy to paint.

  2. Oh, the dog painting is my favorite one! I was thinking a small Charlie Brown tree with these little paintings on it would be sweet. Or make a 12 days of Christmas tree with these…. These are really cute, Martha. For someone who wants some Christmas but not too much. Heck! I’d leave the tree paintings out all year!

  3. Oh Martha, they’re so lovely! I’d have them all – and the dogs if only they were for sale… who could resist them? πŸ™‚

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