Little Christmas Paintings

I got the idea of doing tiny paintings as Christmas ornaments from Chris Mallaband-Brown who did many lovely ones to sell at a craft show. Her’s are far more sophisticated than mine. They’re very tiny — 2 x 3 inches (in metric more-or-less 4 cm x 6 cm) so there’s not a lot of space for, you know, a story painting.

I shared them on Facebook and an artist friend said, “You should sell them at the museum” so I contacted the museum and they said, “Absolutely!” So now I’m a famous painter. They all have a bit of glitter but it doesn’t show in the photos. The trees are the biggest hit so far (which is why there are so many — two of them are already sold).

I hope to have 12 I can take on Friday with some kind of display that I have yet to figure out. Ideas welcome. It has to be cheap, simple and homemade. I thought of getting a tumbleweed and sticking it in some clay and hanging them from the “branches.”

Then this one, which isn’t for sale…

25 thoughts on “Little Christmas Paintings

  1. A neat idea and yours are very cute!! If you had a pegboard that was cut into a silhouette of a Christmas tree you could just hang them on…

    • That would be nice — but not likely. I’m thinking of a fence board I have that I could easily pound nails into. It wouldn’t be shaped like a Christmas tree, but it would fit the space… I could paint it to look like a, uh, fence with snow on the top.

  2. Love these! Love your style. If I decorated for the holidays, I’d be placing an order, especially if you did custom dog scenes like the one of your dogs πŸ™‚ You should consider setting up an Etsy page, just for the season; I’m sure you’d sell as many as you have the desire and energy to paint.

  3. Oh, the dog painting is my favorite one! I was thinking a small Charlie Brown tree with these little paintings on it would be sweet. Or make a 12 days of Christmas tree with these…. These are really cute, Martha. For someone who wants some Christmas but not too much. Heck! I’d leave the tree paintings out all year!

    • The tumbleweed would qualify as a Charlie Brown Tree. I think Thanksgiving Bear and I will take our annual Ramble of Thanks and I’ll see what I can find. πŸ™‚

  4. Oh Martha, they’re so lovely! I’d have them all – and the dogs if only they were for sale… who could resist them? πŸ™‚

  5. Wire hangers painted green or white and re-shaped into a tree-like figure — it could be a modern, abstract-ish sculpture adorned with your paintings. πŸ™‚

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