Taking a Break, I think

The question this morning is watch or don’t watch the impeachment hearings. I tuned in for 30 seconds and watched Devin Nunes make several sweeping comments of blistering inaccuracy, the usual, that the Mueller investigation was a hoax, yada yada, climaxing (for me) in the statement that the Democrats are investigating Republican collusion with Ukraine.

Here we go. I tuned in because on my Twitter feed some guy complained that the hearings had been embellished with theme song and fancy graphics. I had to see that, remembering (as I do) the first Gulf War for which a theme song was written. I didn’t see that (watching PBS) but I believe it. Looking for a graphic for this post, I found one graphic (see featured image) that confirms what the guy wrote.

Blogging. A couple of days ago I realized that I have been spending my morning hours on this and I began to wonder if that was what I really wanted to do. I’m still not sure. I have more than a thousand posts here and several hundred more on Blogger from the “old days.” I love my “neighborhood” here, but I feel I might be at a crossroads about what I want to do with these precious morning hours and the coffee…Oh the coffee.

So, if you don’t see me for a while (or?) I’m fine, and all is going well (so far). Just taking a break.


23 thoughts on “Taking a Break, I think

  1. Enjoy your break. Take advantage of daylight hours while you can. Maybe blog at the weekend, just to let us know what’s happening. I like hearing about your wild animal encounters.

  2. I hope you’ll keep blogging when the muse inspires. Daily posts? Yikes, that’s a high bar. Exhausting. Enjoy your break but please check in periodically 🙂

  3. We watched them on CNN and there were no additions that we saw. Sometime around 6 this evening I heard Garry shout: “THAT’S IT, I’VE HAD ENOUGH… ” And that was the end of our impeachment day 1. I got so hooked on the Watergate hearings I missed them when Nixon resigned.

  4. Morning coffee – a daily ritual. The impeachment hearings – no thanks. As I may have mentioned, I stay away from politics.

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