Second Snow…

It snowed. Just a dusting, a trace, but when I got up, Bear’s coat was wet and cold from rolling in her bliss. And it’s cold. 10 F/-12 C. I don’t care. I love it. I’ve been waiting for more than 6 months for winter to arrive.

I did everything that humans have always done to make winter return such as planting a garden, trimming back lilac hedges (grrrr), picking tomatoes, mowing the lawn, watching cranes glean the barley fields. It’s a little known fact that these are the arcane rituals passed down through uncountable generations to further the progress of the fecund seasons and hasten the arrival of the magical moments when the branches are covered in frost and the sun peeks shyly, beautifully, from behind the clouds and fog. “Can I come out?”

“Absolutely! Without you how do we get diamonds on the ground.”

7 thoughts on “Second Snow…

    • Teddy LOVES it. He and Bear played, ran and rolled in it until it was gone. I think he gets colder than Bear does, though. He’s not going to lie around outside in the snow like she does. He’s so much fun. ❤

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