“You Have to Pay for Everything These Days”

New ways to rip-off aspiring self-publishing authors. 

Incredible. Two years ago I did “giveaways” on Goodreads. They were expensive because they meant buying books and shipping books to anyone who’d asked for one, up to the number you said you had to give away, in my case 5 copies each of three different titles. That was met buying 15 books at close to $7 each and between $3 – $7 postage each. That’s AT LEAST $150. The idea was to get reviews from the people who’d gotten free books. 

That didn’t happen. I don’t think my “giveaway” yielded any reviews at all. Maybe one or two, but it’s doubtful. One woman even complained that it “took too long to get the book.” Seriously. 

And NOW Goodreads is CHARGING authors for basically NOTHING. So, if I wanted to DO a giveaway for The Price (which I was thinking of since no one reviews it) would have to pay Goodreads (a subsidiary of Amazon at this point) $119 so that I could buy books and pay to ship them. What would I get for that $119? Nothing that I wouldn’t have anyway. 

And who looks at Goodreads to get recommendations for books? I don’t know anyone, though I’ve heard it’s an active community of book lovers.

What do you think?

21 thoughts on ““You Have to Pay for Everything These Days”

    • If you want to I’d love it because your reviews are intelligent and articulate even when it’s a book that didn’t really float your boat. I really need a review for The Price. I can send you a kindle version at anything you’d like. It’s not a super long novel and my editor says it moves fast. 😊

      • I have an old copy from before it was published title “The Price Mobi.” I exported it to my Kindle, so I’ll see if it runs. Sometimes, they don’t. If it’s available and a cleaner version, I’ll buy it. It’s the easiest way to get it and have it delivered where it belongs.

      • Okay. I bought it. That way it automatically shows up where it’s supposed to be. I actually meant to read it, but I don’t read much these days. Mostly I listen. The ONLY books I read are those by people whose books I know I like because I’ve read them before … a couple were new authors when I found their books. I always hope for an audio version. Eventually.

  1. I wouldn’t pay Goodreads just to have someone review your book. Have you checked out Booksprout or Hidden Gems? I think they have a free option for authors to have their books reviewed. I can also review your book since I have KU and I can add it to my library.

  2. I’m old fashioned and don’t use Amazon I’m afraid, so I wouldn’t know how to do a review. I wrote a children’s book years ago (it’s on a floppy disc) I contacted a publisher but they wanted me to pay, I think it was vanity publishing. They keep emailing me. I ignore them. Not a good relationship.

  3. I do browse reviews and rec lists on Goodreads from time to time, particularly when I want to learn more about a title and when I’m struggling to meet my next book.

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