The BIG Event

I knew I would over prepare because that’s just me. I had no idea who would show up — could be a lot of people, could be no one, who could say? So there were four dozen of every cookie, cups for sixty people, napkins and plates and and and and. A slide show and a poster and books to put in inventory, door prizes — everything just in case the ENTIRE CITY OF ALAMOSA showed up. I didn’t want that, didn’t expect it, but I was ready…

A handful of people — all of whom were my friends — showed up. It took longer to set up than we planned — the better part of an hour. Logistics and electricity and no one wanted to abandon any part of this extravaganza for the sake of expedience. So…

I read and my reading was the best part, I think for everyone.

Except maybe for the cookies. No one can compete with cookies and then EVERYONE won a prize and took home a box of sticky rice candy, known in Japanese as Mochi in China, as far as I know, as “sticky rice.”

SO all my anxiety and stress was spent so that I could learn that I am able to go to a bookstore and read stories to my friends who listened with rapt attention to the story I told.

I honestly can’t think of a better outcome. And, if I ever do this again, I will know how, I’ll have the resources and the encouraging memory of a very sweet experience.

And, I sold a book. ❤

P.S. Thank you for all the moral support leading up to this. It reminded me how much this is more than just a blogging platform. In a way, it’s a neighborhood that extends around the world. In a way, we meet here to chat over coffee, or tea, or whatever and learn interesting things about each other, share ideas, advice, help, visions of life, photos and stories of our travels. It’s very special.

37 thoughts on “The BIG Event

  1. How perfect to debut in such a supportive environment! And your foot really didn’t trip you up! Congratulations!

    • My foot actually feels BETTER!!!! Go figure — It was a perfect environment for my maiden and possibly only assay into this. Everything about it was perfect. ❤

      • There’s nothing important coming up for your foot to ruin — no need for it to feel as bad! Exercise it carefully now as you walk the dogs, but be careful that you don’t overdo it and reinjure it, but I’d bet the worst is over now!

        • I have a feeling you’re right. My friend Lois and I took the dogs out afterward. She took the dogs and I just walked slowly across the golf course with my cane. I was fine, watched where I was going and enjoyed the lovely air and afternoon. I guess we walked about a mile. I sure didn’t hurry. If I walk the dogs (and it might be a while) I’ll take one at a time, I think, and stay where I know the lay of the land very well. I’m in no hurry. 🙂

      • Sounds like a plan. I have a vision of Bear wanting to protect you as you walked slowly across the golf course! I hope she behaved herself!

        • It was hard for her today because Teddy was with Lois, they were moving faster than I could go, and Bear hasn’t had a walk in a month. I gave up because I didn’t want to hurt myself and handed her over to Lois. She did get to roll in a little patch of snow. Next time I’ll take her and then take Teddy. When my hip was really bad Bear was completely happy to walk very slowly with me because it gave her more chance to smell stuff. 🙂

  2. For what it’s worth, that’s what most of these events are like. The worst are when NO ONE shows up, but that only happens at Barnes and Noble. They like to bury authors in the back near the toilets.

    • OK, so what you’re saying is that most events involve a book store dedicating the front of the store to the author, providing ample room for refreshments and every other thing the author has brought to display, a comfy velvet sofa, chairs arranged the way the author asks, and kind and supportive friends (and a few new people) to come and listen to the author read. Because that’s what I had. Sorry Barnes and Noble gave you shit, but, Marilyn, I had a nice day. I confronted some big demons. I had great friends supporting me who made me feel valued and loved. I did a great job. My listeners were on the edge of their seats. I could have read the whole book, I think, if there had been time. I sold three books. I even got a new opportunity to read and sell more in a couple of weeks. I don’t know how it could have been better. Your response to that is a grim, depressing comment about a bad experience you had. An appropriate comment is, “I’m glad you had a good time.” There was a bit in my post about the blogging world being a neighborhood. I guess every neighborhood has a dampen glee.

  3. What a warm, welcoming, and memorable event, Martha! Great publicity, too! The whole town got advance billing! Nice!
    Baby Duck (for short) is a wonderful book. Here’s to steady sales from now on.

    • I wish I’d been recorded, too. I think that’s an avenue to self-knowledge and also a way to know what others have experienced which, I think, if you’re going to write books for sale, is very useful.

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