My Flaky Artist Friend

I’m an artist and a writer which everyone who’s read my blog twice probably has figured out. As an artist/writer, I’ve often been perceived as “flaky.” It’s the stereotype tossed onto creative people. I don’t deserve it, but I will probably always have it. “Martha? She’s creative. Kind of flaky. You can’t depend on her.”

But…yesterday at my book launch, one of my friends — the first to say “YES!” to my invitation — didn’t show up. Though I wish she had been there, it was OK with me. Many of the people there also know this woman, and one said, “Yeah, that’s just her. Once I went to meet her at her studio because she asked me to come out there, and she wasn’t even there.” We all laughed and agreed that we love this person, and that’s how she is. That’s “flaky” behavior, but she’s anything but flaky. She is focused on what she is focused on. She’s driven. She works to deadlines imposed by the boutiques who stock the beautiful things she makes and deadlines imposed by clients who hire her for commissioned work. And when she has an idea, she’s ON it. I think most writers/artists are, too.

Many people organize their lives around external appointments, organizations and activities. The difference is that the artist or writer has appointments with their work, and the work they’re doing might have imperatives of its own. No one in the “outside world” can see those appointments.

As for me, I taught seven classes a semester, got great evaluations the vast majority of the time, and frequently had a part-time clerical job. I paid bills, supported myself and my brother, and however many dogs I had at any given times. What I could NOT do was maintain a relationship, but that has nothing to do with being an artist/writer. There was nothing flaky about me at all.

So when my friend looks up in a few days she’s going to call or something and ask me when the book launch is. ❤

11 thoughts on “My Flaky Artist Friend

  1. I have a friend who is exactly like this and I’ve decided to just accept her exactly as she is. when I see her on a given time, place, or date, it is a pleasant surprise not an expectation )

  2. Writers and artists can be an unpredictable and unreliable lot, so sorry to hear your friend missed your book launch, but nevertheless I hope it was a wonderful occasion for you. Congratulations! 🙂

    • It was great. As for my friend, I rely on her COMPLETELY to be herself and really that’s a lot. I basically just want everyone to do what means the most to them. I think the world suffers when people fake it.

      • This is true, Martha, and you’ve been very magnanamous in your assessment of her missing the launch. That’s a rare and special quality to have. 🙂

      • Actually, Alli, I’m totally cool with it. When the chips are down, she’s around, like when I had my hip surgery she came and visited me twice. Hardly flaky. ❤

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