Baby Duck Update — Loud and Live

If you want to hear the interview I did yesterday with the radio station in Alamosa talking about Baby Duck and the China I lived in, you can listen live at and scroll down and choose “Listen Live.” If you happen to live in Alamosa, CO or Taos, NM it’s 88.7 FM. It’s going to be broadcast at 7:30 MDT, 6:30 PDT, 9:30 on the east coast.

8 thoughts on “Baby Duck Update — Loud and Live

  1. Great interview! Your responses were so interesting, and informative! I just have to say, your voice is different than the voice I have in my head, that will change when reading your posts in the future! Good luck tomorrow!!

    • I’m sorry to hear you have voices in your head. 😉 Seriously thank you for listening. I thought he’d edit it but he ran the whole thing!!! ❤

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