Good News for Bear (and me)

A winter storm is supposed to blast through tonight and tomorrow bringing legit snow, not here, but in the high country to the east, to the Sangre de Cristo mountains. It’s an unusually shaped storm. Most storms follow a track similar to the track this is following, but they drop down over the central Rockies and dump most of the snow on ski areas. This one has somewhat different ideas and is going to dump most of the snow on peaks down here.

It’s time according to the clock of nature. The first snow is usually light here in Heaven, and this one is projected to be light, too. The the mountain passes — especially La Veta Pass — might get 8 – 16 inches.

It doesn’t seem to me that we’re going to get the snowy winter we had last year which is — to me — disappointing, but also OK, and also worrying. Once spring was finished, the San Luis Valley quickly returned to drought. The farmers got three cuttings of hay — thanks to the water from the heavy snows of winter — but by the time summer was full on, everyone was irrigating like normal.

I’m sure you’re all wondering if I’ve told Bear. I have. I know it’s dangerous, getting her hopes up like this only to risk having them crash down if we don’t get ANY snow, but the thing is, snow-loving creature that she is, I think she smells it in the air already.

I do.

20 thoughts on “Good News for Bear (and me)

  1. And we have no snow, no sign of it up to now and the mountains are still green. Am I unhappy – not really. No snow, no ice on the roads and no traffic jams. Even Tabby is happy that there is no snow.

  2. I hope you and Bear get snow! Personally, I love to look at snow, especially when it is fresh and sparkling. I’m not a skier and have little use for snow, other than its beauty.

    When I used to have Old English Sheepdogs, they loved the snow, except when it made ice balls around their feet. Then they would hold up the affected paw to get it cleaned off and go back to playing. My little Samwise hasn’t seen snow, yet.

    • Your dogs were smart to ask for help. I have to force Bear to let me help her. My old Aussie used to get those snow balls and I think they hurt her. Bear gets them but doesn’t care at all. Her priorities are Martha, snow, snow, snow, Teddy. I got “Musher’s Friend” for their feet but I haven’t tried it yet. I don’t know how Teddy (who’s little!) is going to find the whole “We walk in deep snow around here” experience. He might decide to sit out that experience.

      • When we have had the rare snow that is so deep we couldn’t walk on it without sinking up to our hips, or chest in my case, we would dig out a spot for the dogs. We usually get a few inches when it snows.

        I hope Teddy gets to enjoy the snow with you and Bear!

      • Oh bless her, I know how she feels – I’m like that too – and so are Beowulf and Grendel (our cats!). πŸ™‚

      • I have a friend here whose cat is also named Grendel. How do you feel about John Gardner’s novel, Grendel? I haven’t been able to read it though I’ve tried. It’s just wrong… πŸ˜€

      • I agree – sounds a bit daft to look that deeply into the mind of a Saxon monster. I doubt there’s all that much to it – or that the peom’s author did a lot of character planning. Or perhaps I’m missing something: did the author gave Grendel a traumatic back story and a soft, fluffy side? I think I’ll give it a miss if it’s that kind of work. I think I’d rather just take Grendel as he is. No deep thought necessary… πŸ™‚

      • As I said, I couldn’t read the book. Gardner said his Grendel was influenced by Sartre. I’m not ready for existentialist monsters. I don’t have that kind of mind. Existentialism always seemed to me the overly academic codification of the obvious. Hoist the tankard and get on with life, I say!

  3. I love snow and love watching my dogs’ joy when it arrives! We love running on it all winter. Of course, by March I’m ready to see dirt again, but that’s what seasons are for, right? Helpful hint for snow/ice collection between dog toes (what I call toeballs): Pam cooking spray, or something similar (e.g. Crisco, olive oil, etc.). Musher’s Secret didn’t work for me/my dogs. Trimming the fur between their pads helps, too.

    • PAM! That’s brilliant. I keep the fur on their feet trimmed unless they’re in a real bad mood and all “You’re NOT touching my feet.” I can’t run any more and I’ve come to accept it, but last winter we had a lot of snow and I was able to get out there on cross-country skis. That day I laid my new skis down on the snow and discovered I could still ski pretty well was one of the happiest days of my whole life, returning to that, those sounds, the purity of the air, the snow, the motion. The last time I had skied was in the mountains in Southern California with my Aussie/Malamute. We skied from winter down to spring. It was magical and she was great company. Anyway, I can’t wait — just hoping we get some good snow this year.

  4. Enjoy the snow…we are not supposed to get any until January according to the almanac. I would like some but not during Halloween like it was a couple of years ago.

    • This snow is right on time for us. But I think we’re looking at a winter that will be, overall, on the dry side and cold. One thing I’ve learned (and I try to tell my dog) we get what we get!!!

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