24 thoughts on “Baby Duck Hits the Front Page!

  1. Fantastic interview, Martha! And what a big spread – you and Baby Duck have arrived! 🙂

  2. Martha–this is wonderful! If people didn’t know about your book signing before, this will surely bring them to the bookstore. She did a great job of writing this. I am excited to hear how everything goes.

  3. Wonderful! As one who has written numerous profiles, having a great interviewee makes all the difference. You offered up some terrific quotes. Hope this brings you tons of readers!

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    I enjoyed Martha’s historical fiction trilogy, Across the World on the Wings of the Wind, so much that I am excited to read her latest book, As Baby Duck Listen to Thunder, a memoir of a time she lived in China. You can find Martha’s books at marthakennedy.co. Please visit her blog, a favorite of mine, at marthakennedy.blog.

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