Quotidian Update 471.a.ix

I’m one of those people who screams or hollers or, in my mom’s words, “Bellars like a stuck pig” when I’m hurt. Even I am annoyed by that trait, but there it is. I have a pretty high pain threshold for chronic pain, but sudden, stabbing, HFS! pain like my knee suddenly going out of joint or a charley horse? No. That feels like a betrayal of the flesh. In the middle of sleep, if a leg cramp dives into my abductor muscle, I will scream, curse, stand up and walk around (“Walk it off, Kennedy, walk it off”) and hope I haven’t woken the neighbors, the dogs, the dead.

“Woken” — wonderful archaic word used here as if it were current lingo. No “waked up” no “awakened,” people here are woken. I love that.

In other news, I love washing machines because you load them with clothes and without any more effort on your part (until you have to fold the clothes and put them away) clothes get clean and dried (yeah, yeah I know you have to put them in the dryer). Unlike the rest of this house which has been subordinated to the Sistine Poster and the whole Baby Duck thing which you’re probably sick of reading about. SOOOOO…without further ado I shall adjourn to massive house cleaning.


13 thoughts on “Quotidian Update 471.a.ix

  1. You’re getting your priorities right in neglecting the housework. My house is in a perpetual state of neglect. But it’ll be worth it. 🙂

    • Thank you! I’m optimistic about the body parts. 🙂 My foot’s a lot better and that should help everything. My dishwasher is heroic. My friend Lois — who doesn’t have one and wants one — gets to empty and fill mine when she’s here. She LOVES that.

  2. I have unfortunately an amazingly high pain threshold which the docs aren’t appreciative of since I don’t know there’s a problem until it’s serious. Having said that, I lost my balance trying to stop a bowl from crashing to the floor and inadvertently kicked the cupboard door shut on my finger. damn that fraken hurt! I actually bounced around and my son was obviously laughing (I know I would have if I’d been witnessing it) and it brought tears to my eyes and my nail has since gone black. Damn, that really hurt! Got my attention for sure and like you, middle of the night shit is the worst! Cause I usually can’t move fast enough to alleviate the problem.

    • I think a lot of women are tough that way since we’re designed to give birth, not that I’ve done that, but I understand it hurts like the flames of hell. When I get a charley horse at night (semi-common lately since I’ve been reduced to less walking because of my foot) it takes me a while to figure out what it is and by then it’s taken hold. Grrrrrrrrrrr….

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