My words are not needed. This is just amazing, goofy and inspiring. ❤


Some things speak for themselves….this isn’t one of those things.

This thing kind of screeches.

Consider yourself warned.

Val-Kiri Belts Out Her Anthem to Breast Cancer in the Key of Something Sharp…and Flat.

And thus, Val-Kiri’s ride through radiation is complete.

It hasn’t been fun.

But it sure has been memorable.


To Amber McDaniel, my tireless music therapist, and Spectrum Hospital Lemmen-Holton Cancer Pavilion, my heartfelt thanks. I couldn’t have survived these weeks without your support.

To Lily, who helped to record me as a last-minute request. You rock. You roll. You take lots of pictures while doing it.

And to the ladies and gents of the Blue Bird Cancer Retreat. This song’s for you! It goes out to anyone who’s had a hard time finding their inner warrior. I find the viking helmet really helps!

Every day I had radiation, I took a picture in front of…

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  1. I want the helmet too, dammit. I got TWO diagnoses for cancer in one week. I was still reeling from the first one when they finally said “Oh, hey, you got it in the other one, too.” I think you don’t find your inner warrior so much as when your back is to the wall and you have absolutely no choice at all about what to do — except to choose the best possible place to get the work done. But once you are being treated for cancer, it’s like being in a long tunnel. You can’t leave. You can’t even change lanes. You simply go the distance and hope you are being treated effectively and that your kind of cancer isn’t going to come back. Because no one is ever “cured” of cancer. You are in remission. That’s as good as it gets and we all get through the tunnel. All of us. No matter who we were when we went into the tunnel, we come out stronger than we ever thought we could be. So pass the helmet, please. I’m not sure about the singing thing, though. My voice isn’t so great.

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