Baby Duck Update

It looks like the As a Baby Duck Listens to Thunder book launch is going to happen. It’s going to be cookies and tea, a small raffle and talk, and a 10 minute slide show running in a loop at a separate table. The event will probably be only an hour long, maybe a little more if people want to hang around. I’ll be holding it at the local independent bookstore, The Narrow Gauge Bookstore (which is a coop) in Alamosa. It’s a really charming old-school store that I like very much though I don’t shop there because it’s 20 miles away, and I’m no one’s market at this point in my life, I’m afraid.

I have had a LOT of fun putting the slide show together! Yesterday on Facebook I asked for comments regarding what people would like to see at the launch and got a lot of good help from that.

It’s going to be about 10 minutes long and self-narrating as the slides have captions. I don’t want to reveal everything that’s in the book and I don’t want to put anyone through those grueling slide shows I remember as a child. I see the slide show more as a teaser, you know, “Whoa these are cool, so what’s the story???”

By the way, if you’ve read Baby Duck and would care to leave a short review, it would be very helpful to me as part of this event will be a little sheet about the book and what readers have thought. So far three people have said anything — a reader reviewed it on Facebook. My thesis advisor reviewed it in a letter. A reader in India reviewed it on Amazon India. I am very grateful to anyone who takes a few minutes to write something. Reviews help me sell books and ultimately help the little bookstore stay in business. 🙂

To leave a review on Amazon just go there and search “As a Baby Duck Listens to Thunder.” Then scroll down to the end of the page to “Leave a Review”. This link should work.

To leave a review on Facebook, just go to Baby Duck’s page and click, “Leave a Review” This should be the link to that location.

To leave a review on Goodreads, here’s a link.

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  1. Congratulations on the book launch! It sounds pretty wonderful: cookies, tea, raffle, talk, slide show. Excited for you, Martha!

  2. Congratulations Martha and enjoy the launch party! 🤗💖🎉 xxx

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