Hazards of Hiking on Flat Trails

I have been certifiably insane, and I’ve written about it here. But, insanity happens to all of us — we suffer the insanity of anger, the insanity of infatuation, the insanity of greed, the insanity of lust — the list of possible insanities is very long, comprising the 7 Deadlies.

I think behind today’s prompt is Offal (Our Fearless Leader) and the question of whether he is insane or not. Lots of people think so and that he’s suffering from senile dementia (if he is suffering from dementia, not as much as we’re suffering from his senile dementia). I think what they are doing is relating to Offal — “I would only act like that if I were insane.” I think many people think this way because they are NOT evil and can’t directly relate to it. When they see him stand in front of the White House and yell to reporters that China should investigate the Bidens they see a crazy old man in the throes of dementia.

That isn’t what I see. I see a man who has built his whole life toward the position he holds now and who, caught red-handed with a crime (and he knows it’s a crime or he would not have buried so many phone calls in a super-secret vault) decides to brazen it out and use it to inflame his base some of whom do believe that Offal has the right to solicit the help of foreign powers to investigate the criminal behavior of Americans.

Offal knows perfectly that his base will rally around his “take” on events, his spin that the purpose of an impeachment proceeding is to overturn a lawful election.

Subtleties such as that in the language of the Constitution are lost on a lot of us, even people like me who are absurdly literate and biased AGAINST Offal. Hoping to get some light on this myself, I did research yesterday. Among the things I learned was this:

Alexander Hamilton warned specifically about a foreign power’s ability to cultivate a president or another top official. In Federalist Paper Number 68, published in 1788, Hamilton wrote:These most deadly adversaries of republican government might naturally have been expected to make their approaches from more than one quarter, but chiefly from the desire in foreign powers to gain an improper ascendant in our councils. How could they better gratify this, than by raising a creature of their own to the chief magistry of the Union?

The Founders Would Have Impeached, etc.

Impressive as this is, The Federalist Papers are NOT the Constitution, so I went a little deeper (thanks to this article it wasn’t difficult). The founders were most worried, naturally, about the President of the new nation being a pawn of Great Britain.

So, do I think Offal is insane? Not at all. I think he’s something that most of us cannot readily imagine being ourselves which makes him LOOK insane to us. He is evil, ruthless, power-hungry, cynical and narcissistic.

In OTHER news, I’m now sure my foot injury is a sprain. Two days of rest, ice, compression and elevation have almost totally relieved the pain, but I’m not pushing it. I learned a lesson. AND it’s occurred to me WHY my old hiking boots had/have such stiff and heavy souls (yes, I wrote that on purpose). It’s to protect my feet from the trail itself. Since “the trail itself” injured me, I am rethinking this whole thing. Just because the trail where I was injured is mostly flat and “easy” doesn’t mean it is without hazards.

Most of the time I wear approach shoes which are a kind of hybrid between hiking shoes and climbing shoes. They are designed to allow the foot to FEEL the rock. Well, I sure felt the rock. SO my hope is Monday to head out in my heavy hiking boots and see what happens. If nothing else, my feet cannot MOVE inside of them and my foot will be held in place.

I’ll also try not to write about politics tomorrow but who knows what will happen today… 🙂

Something interesting to read.


6 thoughts on “Hazards of Hiking on Flat Trails

  1. I agree that Offal is not insane — rather, he’s definitely in control and knows how to manipulate his base to continue following him and believing in him. He’s clearly breaking the law, but has a strange rationale that allows him to do so. He’s acting like a mob boss, creating fear beyond normal among his followers, who will do anything to please him. It is scary that it will be difficult to depose him, and he is already talking about 16 more years of his “leadership.”

  2. The heavier boot will splint your foot better. With sprains/strains, which are usually partial tears of muscle or ligament, while the pain resolves fairly quickly, it still can take 6 wks or there about for full repair, so its easy to reinjure during that time, as you experienced. The heavier boot will be good protection.
    I agree with you on T. He’s not insane, but severely personality disordered–sociopath/narcissist totally missing the empathy gene. Its all about him. gack–cue yet another hairball.

    • Thank you Steph. I will take your advice. I need this to heel well because, you know, it MIGHT actually snow and that’s the whole point of life. ❤ 🙂

  3. I don’t think he’s insane but I do think he’s got the leading edge of dementia and that probably makes him even more dangerous. Because people with dementia can be impossible to control. Not everyone, but many.

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