Weather I Am Ready or Not

The crisp days of autumn are set to arrive Wednesday, and I must then decide which is worse for Faith, the Aussie Pumpkin Who Could, tossing a quilt over the 20 feet of her splendor or consigning her to the flames of frost.

“Crisp” in the San Luis Valley is used ironically all through the winter when it’s -20 F/-28 C. I’ll be out there shoveling walks with my neighbor and inevitably we say, as ice crystals drift around us, “Crisp.”

But in the wilds of Colorado today is predicted to be in the 80s here on the eastern slope, the Front Range. Once I cross the mountains, and drop into the Holy San Luis Valley, past the changing aspen trees on the high mountain pass, the air will be a little on the crisp side. Wednesday night it will get below freezing, – 1 C/29 F. The good seasons will begin and the dogs and I will have many long walks out to the Big Empty.

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