Quotidian Something Or Other 34.a.iii.7

I think Australia must be a wonderful country. They don’t seem to be sitting down there languishing in some humorless (in their case, humourless) donjon of despair. They seem to be able to laugh at themselves.

I actually looked into emigrating some years back but Australia has a superfluity of people with my assets so it was a no go.

Australians seem to understand humor. The funniest program I’ve seen on TV ever is the epic RAKE. Yesterday, I found this, which, of course, since I hate Greta Thunberg, made me laugh.

Yesterday we went out to Shriver/Wright for a walk. The colors of fall are only beginning to hit the trees here in the San Luis Valley, but in the high country, the hillsides are, from a distance, a patchwork of gold and green. It was a perfect afternoon, a perfect walk. As I got nearer the parking lot on the way out I saw a car drive down the slope and park. “Rats,” I thought hoping they didn’t have dogs but most people who go there DO have dogs. “Let’s go faster,” I said to the dogs so we could get to Bella before the people got organized. I planned to use the alternative way out to avoid the bottleneck at the usual entrance. I scouted around the trail for a spot for us to step off if necessary. I prepared to call out, “Please hold your dogs.”

A woman was coming toward us and Bear recognized her before I did. It was Lori, our friend and the woman who owns the kennel where the dogs stay when I leave town. She’d seen my car, then had seen Bear and decided to meet up with us.

She recently got a new knee and I was a little afraid of the dogs mobbing her (mobs, that’s what I hate about Greta Thunberg). I let Teddy go so he and Lori finally met. Bear and I got to her and Bear went to her. Bear loves her and Lori loves Bear. We chatted about her surgery and then we talked about Dusty T. Dog who adored Lori.

When Dusty first went to stay at the kennel I warned Lori that he was a little sketchy. She was apprehensive and worked hard to win his friendship (and succeeded!). They ended up loving each other.

Later last evening I was thinking about the beauty of the slough, all the beautiful walks I’ve had there, how sweet it was meeting up with Lori like that, and I thought of how when I go there, I sometimes feel that Dusty is along with us. I thought about how we sometimes lose someone (dog, person) and go on with our lives but in a deep place we miss them. I texted Lori about how that was Dusty’s favorite place and I often feel he’s there walking with Bear and me. She understood.

As for me, I can’t languish here, either, thinking of Greta Thunberg and languor. I have — how strange is this? Places to go and people to see. Bear is completely aware that I am leaving and is clinging to me like any good livestock dog would shadow her flock of sheep. So, so soon we’ll head out to the kennel, I’ll come home, pack Bella and make the big trip out of the San Luis Valley.


10 thoughts on “Quotidian Something Or Other 34.a.iii.7

  1. What have I missed — you’re not leaving permanently, I hope! That was a nice end to a perfect walk! I hope Teddy and Lori like each other as Bear and she do!

  2. I havn’t made my mind up about this Greta Thumberg thing. she is quite full of herself, and finds the solution to world problems is something we can all resolve if we live differently etc. etc.. Is climate change an actual problem, is it something that has happened before on this world? who knows, but I just have the feeling that Greta is not the solution. I liked her little demonstration in her speech, but many that were supporting her are not longer since then.

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