Who Knew?

So tomorrow I was heading to Colorado Springs and from there, Sunday, to The Who Concert in Denver. I honestly had not even a smidgen of enthusiasm for this caper that I brought upon myself. I’ve tried all kinds of ways to improve my attitude but to no avail. I even woke up at 3 am thinking, “OMG! With this sprained foot how am I going to get up the stairs????” Along with, “Why did I spend all that money I don’t have????”

Late this morning I got an email from the concert venue/organizers informing me that someone in The Who is ill and the concert has been postponed.

I could barely stop laughing and may have to take The Secret a little more seriously. I promptly did the stuff to get my refund (which will be mailed ????) and YAY!!!

Meanwhile I had thought of a lot of geriatric versions of some Who songs, such as,

Momma’s got a pacemaker
Deep in her chest and
Every few years we have to
Have it checked
So she don’t die,
That would be why… (la la la)

And Pete Townsend looking in the mirror every morning and singing, “Who are you?”

All I can say is next time big time rockers come to a “local” venue (5 hours away?) I won’t be fooled again.

Still going up to the big cities and see friends, get to know my old hometown (finally) and get a break from Heaven (who needs a break from Heaven?). I will head out tomorrow with a lighter heart and the knowledge that if I have to put up my sprained foot, I can.

13 thoughts on “Who Knew?

  1. I watch everything on TV. It’s totally unreal and unreal is good. I like unreal. When I can’t deal with anything anymore, I move off into Terry Pratchett’s world where the earth is flat and sits on four giant elephants who stand on a giant turtle who is swimming to the end of the universe. I haven’t been able to read anything new in weeks, so I just keep rereading stuff I love. The more unreal, the better.

    Unreal works for me. AND I have a Pacemaker!

  2. Yesterday wife and I went to the Pantages to see the Blue Man Group. It was fun but I think my wife liked it more than I. Some of the skits left me bored. One of the skits with a bunch of ropes kind of fell apart.

    At least it wasn’t a five hour drive. Twenty minutes to the subway station, then it spits us out right in front of the venue.

  3. Goodness, Martha, I remember you announcing the concert ages ago! Glad you’re not bothered by missing The Who and you’re feeling so buoyant, and have a great time seeing your friends and catching up. 🙂

  4. I haven’t been to see a big concert in a long time. They are so expensive now and I’d have to travel interstate. There are very few bands I would do that for now. I feel happy to say that I’ve seen a lot of great concerts by people like The Rolling Stones, Deep Purple, Yes and others and I won’t feel sad if I don’t see them live again. I don’t really enjoy crowds any more.

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