Rambling Diurnal Scribbling

What a summer it was! One thing after another, wearing subtly on the soul. I know I’m not alone, so I’ll just leave this here… And right now, some idiot is singing on my radio, “I bop, you bop, bopaloo she bop.” Seriously? And autocorrect keeps changing “bop” to bob… Listen, AC, I KNOW what I’m trying to type! What do you mean you know better? How???

Woke up this morning to a rejection. Not even a rejection for a manuscript; a rejection for a book review for The Price. To wit: “One of our readers enjoyed the story, but we felt it was not quite suitable to be selected for a published review on Discovering Diamonds. We do, however, ask our readers to consider placing a personal comment on Amazon/Goodreads if they should wish to do so.”

I wasn’t really surprised. Sending my book was a shot in the dark as the focus of this group of reviewers is usually — though not exclusively — historical romance. But, I could have done without, “One of our readers enjoyed the story.” 🙂

I’ve experienced so many rejections over my writing that at this point I resent every effort at tact or subtlety. A simple, “Not happening sweet cheeks” is all that’s needed. Oh well.

I’ve attempted writing romance but every attempt has turned into a cynical short story, usually published here in this blog. They all end the same, too. A couple is in trouble, not getting along, one of them is obviously more invested than the other, something happens to wake one of them up and the relationship ends — or it’s left hanging and the reader doesn’t know what really happened or what will happened. I’m thinking — since I’m marginally immobilized now with a sprained foot — of giving it another shot, but…

I’ve only read one romance novel in my life and, honestly, it was like a really sinister drug. I couldn’t stop reading it even though I hated it. It ended up in a trash can in a hotel room in Milan. My idea of a perfect romance is very different from what went on in the book I read. 🙂


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  1. Sounds like a romance/adventure story in the making there, Martha! You never know, maybe you’ve hit on something. And maybe there’s another one in a mature person trying to find love in a world geared towards the young? I don’t think I could write a romance story at all – unless it was historical, like Edward 1st and his queen Eleanor…

    If it’s any consolation, I don’t think business people these days have the same tact and diplomacy that they had a generation ago. The world has become far less sensitive and considerate. Just keep this in mind… a well known saying over here is that ‘every successful writer’s smallest room is papered with rejection slips’. Keep your chin up… 🙂

    • I’m fine. I have two rooms filled with rejection slips 🙂 I know it’s about the market at least as it’s about my writing. If I wrote a romance novel I don’t know if it would be recognizable as a romance novel. I think often about the place romance has in our world and literature, how it’s this enormously important thing, how many stories (for centuries!) end at the nuptial moment. I have been working on a novel that is supposed to be about a young monk who ends up disaffected, joins the goliards, gets a woman pregnant, etc. and the whole thing of courtly love intrigues me, too. I like the medieval view of love and sex, I guess. I think real love endures the challenges of life (like you and your husband and your autistic child) and that’s not a thing for romance novels. It’s much much more. 🙂

  2. I tried to write romance (at the time I was the editor of the Doubleday Romance Library so I had to read a lot of them). It came out as hysterically funny pornography. About 20 pages. I wish I’d save it.

    • Ha ha ha! I get that. My longest “romance” was about a necrophiliac homicide detective. It was rife with puns. He got hauled to the police station for raping a dead woman and the cop was shocked to learn, “She’s not just dead. She’s EMBALMED!”

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