Tracks and Horizons

We had some good luck yesterday. Evening before last I watched a dog-loving neighbor head out to the golf course for her walk. I thought, “She knows something.” Sure enough. I (could’ve done this sooner) checked to see if the golf course now has hours. It does and it closes at 7 pm.

Suddenly summer is not the nasty even evil thing it has been. Strange how being exiled from a favorite place makes things worse, who knew?

Last evening, at 6:54, having made the dogs wait for HOURS past their usual walk, I “dressed” them, and we headed to our happy place. It’s important to note that my golf course opens into infinity. Our goal is to go through it into the fields and empty places with the wide horizon, enormous sky and changing light. For some reason my soul? needs these vistas to feel well and upright, to know that all is right with the world.

There were tracks in the dust — something I also love — of “our” deer, raccoon and the story of a snake killing a rodent. I love that, too. There was also one of those little pieces of paradise that appear sporadically in our too mortal world. It was at the far end, past the driving range.

Idyllic summer spot.

15 thoughts on “Tracks and Horizons

      • I think it is a fruity gin. I’ve never had it. But that is the image I got in my head when I saw your photo – languid ladies and gentlemen sipping Pims after a particularly golf or tennis match. An English stereotype. In Australia, it is all about beer. For the hoity-toity, it is craft beer.

        • Australia is like Colorado in that respect. People here are nuts about craft beer. We have three breweries in this under-populated back-water of the world. One of them ONLY makes beer from what they themselves grow. Barley is our second most important crop. This spot is at the end of a field, next to a small dump and the end of the driving range. I kind cropped the photo 😀 I wanted to share a blog post with you (it features Australia and beer) but it turns out it’s one of those five part stories… 😦

  1. I know exactly what you mean, Martha. We all need these ‘little pieces of paradise’ that we can retreat to for the good of our souls. I have several of those around here, and I don’t think I could function without them. Your little piece looks lovely. 🙂

    • I got tired of that, too. That’s why I moved up to Descanso in the Cuyamacas when I was still teaching in CA, but summers were brutal. Some of the most beautiful snows of my life happened there and the BEST X-country ski experience of my life. I under-appreciated those mountains as we all under-appreciate the present moment, I guess. I’ve considered going back for Christmas. 😀

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