Every morning I wake up and make coffee, make a smoothie, feed the dogs, take old lady meds and sit down with coffee and smoothie to write. If I have a project (I only kind of do right now) I work on that. If not, I write a blog post. I like my routine and that there is no push on me every morning to GET somewhere, to GRADE something, to SET UP an exam on Blackboard, nothing. Even unrelated to my long career as a teacher, I’ve had some pretty fraught mornings in my life, and I cherish every one that isn’t.

I also got in the habit of checking the news, a habit I wish I had not developed. Now I think of that as “checking on the newest emergency.” Real or manufactured? I am never sure.

Not that a real crisis cannot be manufactured. I’d say most wars fall into that category. And, now, there are real crises manufactured by Our Fearless Leader (OFL). The media joyfully amplifies everything because they make money that way. As far as I’m concerned, it’s all fake news.

One of the newer irrelevant crises is Fox News disappointing OFL. Anyone with half a brain can see this is a way to legitimize Fox News. “They’re not ALWAYS in support of OFL!”

Long ago, people understood that NOT having a crisis was the optimal state of life. There are enough crises in any one person’s life. Real things like hurricanes. Everyone in Florida who reads my blog, good luck, stay safe.


11 thoughts on “Jaded

  1. I’ve started putting rolling news on very early in the morning. When you have heard the same story for the third time it’s time to go to bed!
    Don’t know about fake news, mostly disasters and depressing stuff caused by OFL (old fart leaders!) like our new prime minister!

  2. And I read the online local newspaper (it has a bit of everything) at around 3.00 a.m. when I wake up during my night sleep and that is enough for the next day. Then I go back to sleep again. I see and hear a bit of news here and there from radio or TV in the evening. I just have to know if a president has lost his job and that does it nicely for me.

  3. I generally listen to the news at 7 am and then again at 8 am if I was too sleepy to take it in the first time. I like to know what’s happened in the world while I was asleep but have to admit that waking up and hearing the horrible voice of your President is not a pleasant way to start the day. Not that I enjoy our PM or Boris Johnson any more. These guys could start a club. The Awful Leader’s Club. Still, once I have them out of the way I don’t listen to or watch the news for the rest of the day. I prefer to just read articles so I don’t have to have anything more to do with those appalling personalities.

  4. Great post! I only watch the news by “accident”…when it interrupts my true-crime programs 🙂 How can we believe anything since the onslaught of “fake news”?

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