24 thoughts on “A Little Fame for Baby Duck

    • I am proud, actually. I love the book. I even like reading it which is a little different. I love my other books, but something about this one is special. ❤

      • I think a lot of people feel a special affinity with particular writing or artistic projects. Congratulations, Martha. You deserve your success. 🙂 ❤

  1. What a nice write-up! I expect to buy a copy soon — as soon as I know how much I can afford — I’d like to have a paper copy, but may have to end up with Kindle!

  2. A very nice write-up and it sounds like a book I’d want to read. I do have a Kindle but I’d want to see pictures so maybe I’d be better off with a paper copy?

    • After asking everyone I know (here and on FB who uses eReaders) how well illustrations come across on Kindles, I decided to put the illustrations into a Youtube slide show and include the link in the text for the Kindle. So on your Kindle you can see all the illustrations very well. I think it’s a nice product. I recommend it.

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