Quotidian Excursions

Yesterday on our excursion to the local high school — a boring little trek that remains my dogs’ FAVORITE walk EVER — I noticed there was a football game going on the stadium. I don’t know who was playing — I doubt it was a high school game because that usually draws a bigger crowd. As I passed the parking lot, a big pick-up pulling a nice horse trailer elegantly parallel parked. I looked in the trailer and saw two saddled horses stood tied and patient. 

The driver went to the game. On our way home I noticed tracks in the mud of our alley — a raccoon and a couple young’uns and a fox. Bear hasn’t been sleeping on the job, either. She does not welcome’s such gamey guests to the sacred precincts of my lilac hedge (alley). She blasts the world with her loud, deep bark and then comes in for “Good job, Bear, we’re safe. Here’s a cookie.” I’m actually rewarding her for stopping… 

I’ve been wondering lately why I been feeling detached from this place. All the natural wonder still affects me, but something’s changed. I’m chalking it up to living here five years and the novelty having worn off. It’s kind of like marriage (though I’ve never had a good one). There was a time when it became daily life. You know who the guy is, how they act, how they respond, there are just not that many interesting (good) surprises any more. A good marriage (I imagine) finds comfort in familiarity, and I don’t think I’ll have problems doing that with my beautiful town. 

I just need help with that lilac hedge (and the two nasty elm trees growing in it). I usually trim it myself, but his summer the bursitis in the shoulder meant I couldn’t do that. Right now, I’m thinking I’ll do it in November when the leaves have fallen. I need help washing windows, too. They are old school with storm windows screwed over the “real” windows. I can’t handle that AT ALL. Maybe that’s when my marriages went south; the problems started showing up and being too much to contend with. 🙂

P.S. This has been edited from the original post which really was a little depressing and scary to read. ❤


13 thoughts on “Quotidian Excursions

  1. I think a lot of this is why I’m a traveler. When it becomes everyday life and mundane I roll on.

    • That makes sense to me. I’m thinking that maybe when I no longer have a giant dog (and I’m in no hurry for that moment) I’ll sell up and my little dog, Teddy, and I will wander. 🙂

  2. I agree, it must be in the wind, since I see people everywhere feeling much the same. I’m wondering if it is a case of urgently wanting and needing a change, something to spice life up because it’s in the doldrums, or if it’s a universal what the hell do we do about the current world situation and where will it all end?

    • I am sure the current situation in this country contributes to my feelings. Also, financial pressures and the advent of a new health problem that has yet to be solved. I think we all reach a point from time to time that we’re just tired of hurdles and adapting to things. I also hate summer 😀

  3. Dogs perception of the world is so different from ours. What I perceive as boring may be full of fascinating smells and sounds. A fence corner or a lamppost could be a whole bulletin board of information beyond our awareness. I let them sniff and enjoy it vicariously.

    • Me too. Since they’re never off leash, I don’t want all their walks to be human-regimented marches. I have all the time in the world to let them collect their messages. I recently learned that the golf course now closes (it never did before) at 7 and that’s a real boon to me as the vistas from the fields beyond the golf course are amazing, especially at sunset. Now we’re ALL happy. Last night I saw the most amazing sunset of my life while they kept tabs on various things that interest them.

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