Acting From A Place of Fear

Something to remember when someone snarls at us. 🙂

Living on the Circumference - Finding the Center

train tracks

I thought I would tell you a story about something that happened to me years ago. At the time, my father’s home was by the side of a river. One day, while I was visiting, I decided to take a walk down his street and after a short while, I came to railroad tracks that crossed the river.

As I started to follow the tracks to the river, I saw a Doberman pinscher lying down on the sandy riverbank. As I got closer, it became obvious that one of the dog’s paws was caught in a hunter’s trap. My first instinct was to get help for the dog. If I didn’t, she could have died there.

I returned to my father’s and called the local Humane Society. Then I returned to the tracks so that I could help them locate the dog. The young man driving the Humane Society’s truck…

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