7 thoughts on “Garden in Late August after a Late Spring

  1. I love your plants are named. We do not have a garden, just potted plants. We fed our tomato plant to the forest creatures. The slugs were already taking up residence. Thank you for growing flowers for the bees! 💖

  2. Mt father always considered the growing season to be from Memorial Day to Labor Day. He wouldn’t plant a day before nor would he do any gardening after that. The plants would be on their own and he expected frost to take them.

    Today, if I were in the central LP of MI, I would start planting frost sensitive crops in early May and expect to be able to harvest almost to October. I expect that if he were still alive and able to garden, he would not change his dates.

    • Where I live, June 1 is the day to plant. Sometime in September we get our first frost. I feel bad about that this year because my plants got a late start due to a late frost. No apples this year, either.

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