Teddy Learns a Lesson (I Hope)

Poor Teddy Bear T. Dog got the smackdown this morning from Bear and me.

He went for Bear’s food dish when there was food in it. What’s AMAZING is when Bear snarled and went for him, he didn’t back down. Not a scintilla of respect for the fact that Bear’s mouth is as big as his head. I yelled, “NO! NO! No!” and I smacked him. THEN he got the message. “Don’t EVER do that!” I said as he sat cowering and bewildered. I didn’t even feel bad about striking my dog. I never do it, but that was — had the potential to be — life or death.

Teddy is now a little apprehensive about Bear but not about me. That’s an OK outcome, especially as they’ve returned to jointly protecting the living room from dogs anywhere within 100 feet.

Meanwhile, in other news, Trump, in a snit because Denmark refuses to discuss the sale of Greenland to the US, has cancelled his state visit to Copenhagen. Looking at this disastrous administration, I keep imagining Alan Bates or Peter Sellers in a film about Trump, something like the Pink Panther meets the King of Hearts. Sadly, the Speaker of the House appears to be Hamlet.


28 thoughts on “Teddy Learns a Lesson (I Hope)

  1. Poor Teddy!!! Isn’t this the first time they’ve had a serious disagreement? Re Trump — better a tiff with Denmark over Greenland than having to vote for him because of a recession!

    • I think a recession might dislodge his base. But he’ll blame it on the Fake News and the Evil Commie Democrats.

      I think it’s the first time he’s gone for Bear’s dish when there’s been food in it. I usually stand between them since I’m still training him. They seem to have forgotten everything about it. 🙂 Dogs.

  2. Oh Teddy! I guess he’s learnt his lesson now… sometimes you never know with dogs… love the ending bit about Trump (meanwhile, in other news…) and the way it connects our lives with what happens around the world. Speaking of which, I thought it was some sort of Borowitz-Report-style news but it’s actually true. BTW, happy to find you again here on WP after months of absence (mine, this time! ha)

  3. Above all I think Trump needs training sessions. Maybe a slap down would be good for him too. As for Britain, I think our government is sniffing round Trump like a lap dog. Brexit is making it easier for him to get his hands on our services like the NHS.

  4. Poor Teddy, indeed! Lucky for him, you saved the day. When I had my two OES, I had to feed them on separate sides of the island. Strider always let Laura steal his food, and she guarded hers with a vengence. Strider never went near her bowl. Hopefully, Teddy has learned that Bear does not share. – I never watch the news. That way, I am rarely frustrated. A friend likes to tell me I can’t keep my head in the sand, but it has been working for me so far.

  5. Poor little Teddy. I like it that he didn’t back down, but when another dog’s mouth is as big as your head…Teddy, we need to rethink this.

    • Teddy needed to back down, he should have backed down, he should not have needed all that smacking down. At least he knows his two “moms” love him. He’s such a little guy and he doesn’t seem to know it. ❤

  6. Let’s hope that Teddy has learned that Bear’s bowl is off-limits. He’s smart so maybe he’ll think twice about doing that again.
    As for Trump the Peter Sellers movie that he fits into best is Dr Strangelove.

  7. I loved that bit about Peter Seller n the Pink Panther. Totally cool and absolutely perfect. As for the pooches, I can only imagine. Loki could, if he wished, pretty much destroy anything. His mouth pressure is second only to a great dane I believe. If he had a mind to become viscous, there’d be no stopping him. Luckily, he’s the most adorable, warm, loving animal I’ve had the good fortune to meet and enjoy.

    • Bear’s breed takes on bears and mountain lions. I’ve tried explaining this to Teddy and hopefully some of it penetrated his giant Australian shepherd brain. 🙂 Loki, keep up the good work. I know you guys are smart and it sounds like you’re also aware. ❤

      • Awe, thanks, Martha. It’s a learning curve, definitely since my kids didn’t grow up with dogs, and I was 12 to 15 when I last had one. Still, I can’t imagine my life without him! He’s so incredible! Recovering from surgery, they take out the screw and other stuff on Friday. Then 8 weeks from then, re do on the other leg, if this one was successful. Difficult to keep such a high energy dog from moving believe me. The drugs worked for 4 days and then they were completely ineffectual.

          • I was going to applaud him, he’s done remarkably well, listening to commands so much better, but today was the day from he’ll x 5000. Omg tomorrow they take the screws and wires out and he’ll be back on meds for a time I imagine. That might help some for 3 days like last timne, lol.

            • There’s that saying — “Every dog has his day.” Even Bear, remember? She ran away and Dusty and I had a hard time catching her and bringing her home. Loki’s still a pup — those big dogs take about 3 years to mature. ❤

              • sigh! lol. Yeah, he’s a sweet pup and I can’t say I’m looking forward to 3 years of this, but having said that, I wouldn’t want to live without him! He’s pretty precious!

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