Watching the Trail

Big events in the Casa di Martha, Bear and Teddy. “What?” you may well ask. Well, Teddy has now been on a legit walk — wait, two legit walks — to the slough. Yep. No, no, no don’t worry about the bursitis in my shoulder. It’s a LOT better and Bear has decided that it’s to her advantage to walk at heel.

Life is good.

On Teddy’s first walk we were met by a young guy walking out of the slough. He saw Teddy’s little head through my windshield and waved. We stayed in the car — mostly because I didn’t want to try to control two jubilant beasts. When the guy got to the parking lot, I hopped out of Bella. The guy said, “Let them out! I love dogs!” I was happy he wasn’t another acerbic dog hater.

So, I did. Turned out he has two Australian shepherds, a Pyrenees/lab mix and a golden retriever. As he met my dogs, he showed me photos of his.

“I’m here killing time while people look at my house. We’re trying to sell it.”

We talked about that and when I learned where the house is that he and his wife are selling, I said, “I wish I could live there.”

“I wish you could too,” he said. “These guys would love it.”

It was a sweaty walk but not overly laden with mosquitoes and Teddy loved it. So we went back yesterday. Cooler, perfect mosquito temps, but we had a good time. The air smelled of clover and the milkweed is blooming.

As it’s snake season, and with both hands full of dogs and no way to use a stick, I watch the trail carefully. Winter is better for the long vistas anyway.

Looking down you still see stuff. I noticed a ruffling in the weeds. A fluttering bright creature moved out of our way. I stopped. The dogs had seen it, too, and badly wanted to jump the mysterious moving thing. I made the dogs sit and stop. The fluttering creature stopped, and I saw it was two Monarch butterflies joined in their amorous moment.

13 thoughts on “Watching the Trail

  1. How awesome, meeting someone that loves dogs as much as you. Hope he’s able to sell. Tragic if it’s a place they love. Wonderful that all the pooches enjoyed their walk with you and you didn’t encounter any snakes along the way. I’d say that was a win win situation! 🙂

  2. It sounds like a delightful walk — and how wonderful that the dogs were obedient enough to watch the butterflies without jumping them! Glad your shoulder is feeling better, too!

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