A Day Redeemed

As often happens here in Heaven, the day was redeemed.

Read this WHOLE story because it’s good. 🙂

I took Bear out to Shriver/Wright (wildlife area and slough along the Rio Grande River here in Monte Vista, CO) and was very happy to see the trail was mowed — YESTERDAY! There was a guy there in a pickup whom I’ve seen fishing there and once at the lake. He’s never been very friendly, but…
He was eating lunch in his truck. I waved. He waved.

Bear and I walked. It was a perfect day to return. Cool, slightly rainy. A HUGE flock of geese took flight just as I arrived.

It was lovely to be there. I DO feel the presence of Dusty T. Dog when I’m there, there so I DON’T think he went to the Enchanted Forest. I think he went to the slough so he could keep walking with Bear and me.

When I got back to the parking lot, the guy was out of his truck and clearly wanted to talk. Turned out to be a really nice guy from Dillon, MT, with great stories about animals, trucks, Montana and other things I like to talk about. He has a nice, friendly dog that Bear would get along with


The biggest story was that…

In the very place I’d just been…


And where I’ve seen the guy fishing before…

He said that he’d gone down there to fish, and as soon as he sat down he saw a cow moose not twenty feet away from him. He grabbed his pistol, packed up his stuff slowly, grabbed his dog and backed away from the moose.

I didn’t even see tracks BUT I think what made the geese take off like that might have been the moose heading east along the river.

The guy was deliberating going back in. We talked a long time, loudly, with much laughter and obscenities. I’m sure any ungulate with half a brain wouldn’t want to stick around a place like that.

This photo which I took BEFORE I heard the story is where he was when he saw the moose.

I’d love to see a moose but not 20 feet away. 50 maybe. Or more.


38 thoughts on “A Day Redeemed

    • Always good advice. I KNOW the reason the guy was waiting to talk to me when I got finished was he wanted to know if it was safe in there — and to make sure I DID come out. 🙂

  1. Such a great story, and I love that you feel the presence of Dusty T. Dog when you are there. What a beautiful place! A cow moose! Yikes! It sounds like thanks to that moose, you have found a new friend on the trail. I am usually reluctant to talk to people who are fishing because they are very intent on what they are doing and I’m afraid if I make noise, it will scare the fish away. I do occasionally wave or nod if they look up from their fishing.

  2. This is a cow moose and her calf taken when it was nearly dark. Flash was not an option. It looks like there was far more light than there was because I spent time manipulating the image just to get the moose visible.

    The family and I were hiking near dark on isle Royal about 9 years ago when we walked right up to it. It stood perfectly still until we were almost on top of it. Wife and kids backed away immediately. I stayed perfectly still to take a photo and then backed away myself. As soon as I moved, it took off with its calf into thick forest. It was an awesome experience to encounter a moose in the wild that wasn’t habituated to humans.

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