I Overcome Fear and am Rewarded

Fear is a friend of mine. It’s amazing how many lessons it’s taught me and, this week, I’ve had to learn another one. I haven’t learned it yet, but I’m working on it. I appreciate all the moral support yesterday — it was important to learn that others might have been traumatized, too, by a close call with a head-on collision, a couple of trucks and a ditch. ❤

After my close call on US HWY 160 Monday, I was afraid to go out in Bella to a birthday party in Alamosa yesterday for my friend, Perla, who is an artist. When I was first invited I was happy but then… “Shit, I have to get back on that road.”

The rational brain steps in, “Sure but how many times have you driven that road and nothing happened?”

The even MORE rational brain steps in and says, “Outside of the laboratory, empirical probability is a hoax designed to comfort idiots. Real life is far more random and events are unique.”

“True dat…”

At least THAT was resolved. So…I wasn’t going to disappoint my friend.

I rode the bike to nowhere, took a shower, got in Bella and headed to Alamosa. I was apprehensive, but I’d also resolved to be a better driver myself.

Turned out it was a beautiful drive with infinite vistas and good music. That’s all I want from a ride in the car… 🙂

I arrived a little late, but I had the longest journey. The party was small, just five of us (one person couldn’t make it). It was made up of people I like very much but hadn’t seen in a while. It was WONDERFUL. Good food, great conversation, warm feelings. Perfect. 🙂

I also learned that the dermatologist I’m going be driving 1 1/2 hours to see next month is THE dermatologist for the region and a very good one. I was happy to know that.

After we had the birthday feast, Perla showed us her newest work. As an artist, Perla can do anything, but her thing as long as I’ve known her has been clothing. Recently she’s begun learning and practicing Japanese fabric dyeing techniques. She showed us some of her new work in that area and a friend and I started designing clothing made of it. Then, as one among us was a young and lovely woman who models for Perla, we witnessed a little fashion show.

I’ll just share the beauty with you. All of these pieces of clothing are felted — silk and merino wool.

If you want to see more, you can visit Perla’s webpage, fiberspaceart.com or her Facebook page which is a little more up-to-date.


31 thoughts on “I Overcome Fear and am Rewarded

  1. good for you Martha for telling your fear to step back and you went to celebrate your friend’s birthday. i know how very scary it is to get back into a vehicle after a crash.

  2. So pleased you had no problems driving again. Here in the UK we have the Institute of Advanced Motorist who monitor road safety and also allow you to take a driving examination with them – though results do not have an impact on your legal right to drive. I took their test after a couple of near misses myself (and wondering if I was at fault – I wasn’t!). Do you have a similar organisation? It might help you regain confidence if you’re still a bit wary.
    Lovely clothes, your artist friend is very talented.

  3. I’m so glad you went back to Alamosa for such a lovely party! Perla is doing wonderful things with her fabric art, and you have captured it very nicely as well! For the last 10-15 years of my jobs, I drove the LA freeways almost every day without incident. More and more traffic since then has caused me concern, as have numerous construction projects (where is the lane now?). I always take a deep breath before getting in the car for a trip either to San Diego or to Santa Barbara. I understand that fear, and hope it doesn’t get the better of me — I’m glad it didn’t get the better of you!

    • It’s pretty hard to live life when you’re afraid. But it’s also important to accept fear and try to learn from it. It was a big moment Monday, though nothing happened.

      California drivers? I drove 100+ miles every day to the various schools then home to Descanso. I have driven a lot of places, but honestly, I think CA drivers (maybe because of all the practice and the desire to survive) are very good drivers. I’ve experienced some strange stuff on I-8 and I-5, 805, 163, 405 and every time the drivers all around me were paying attention. It was everything from a man falling off a curb and getting his head run over to a family of immigrants trying to run across 8 lanes to a man stepping out of the darkness, getting hit (not killed) and rescued by a driver who stopped traffic (I-8 just out of El Cajon/Crest) and made a safe space for an ambulance, to fires on both sides of the Grapevine. People here do not drive with that level of consciousness.

  4. As usual, I’m reading posts from newest to oldest, so I haven’t read about your car scare yet. Oh my! I often have to remind myself that the way I feel is not always reality, just my perception of it. I love artists of every kind. They make the world better. Your friend’s work with fabric is beautiful. I’m happy you got back on the road and didn’t let fear rule the day!

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