Sixty-Five MPH

Yesterday I was almost killed on the mostly two-lane highway between my town and the “big city” — Alamosa. Only very quick evasive action kept me (and Bella) out of a head-on collision that, had it happened, would have involved me, two semi-trucks and the sub-compact car that was driving in the wrong lane, attempting to pass one of the semis — or both. That driver was tail-gating the semi so until he or she pulled out into my lane with the intent to pass, he or she couldn’t see me.

I drove home as if nothing had happened, but once I was inside, had the groceries unpacked and could take a breath, I realized I had just had a big experience.

I started thinking about my life — what am I doing? Five years ago I made the big decisions and moved out here. A lot has happened in these years. Four books. Surgery. Fighting to be able to keep walking. A similar fight ahead of me. How real is any of it? Living with the luxurious illusion that death is “someday” down the road, OK, maybe not as far as it I could believe when I was 20, but still not RIGHT NOW on US Hwy 160.

“Wake up!” said Bella as she swerved.

I wished so much it could be winter for the rest of the day so Bear and I could go out and walk forever and ever in the snowfields looking at the motionless blue mountains untroubled by storms. I felt that if I could just do that, I could figure things out and see where my life is supposed to go.

Another fucking turning point.


P.S. Between Monte Vista and Alamosa, US HWY 285 and US HWY 160 are the same road.

23 thoughts on “Sixty-Five MPH

  1. That’s horrible. I hope whomever is in charge of such things widens that highway. Here in Utah, Route 6 was (is?) such a hazard – two lanes most of the way through a very treacherous canyon. Lots of big trucks and people who go to Strawberry Reservoir to fish and boat, plus other ‘touristy’ attractions…several Canyonland Parks are on that route. Finally they widened the road. I’m not sure if it’s made a dent (no pun intended) in the fatalities on that highway, but at one time Route 6 was among the top five in the nation for deadly highways. It’s horribly scary. My condolences, but congratulations on being an excellent driver and avoiding what could have been far worse.

  2. This gave me chills. I am so glad that everyone is okay, this could have ended so differently. It is moments like these that are always wake up calls and force us to reflect and take stock of our lives.

  3. So glad you made it home safely — I would have been a limp, wet noodle after an experience like that! Take some time to reflect and relax, and life will come back into focus!

    • Thank you. Last night I realized how tense I was because my back, neck and shoulders couldn’t relax and they hurt. I have to go to a party today in Alamosa and I DON’T want to go. But maybe it’s just about getting back on the horse. 🙂

      • 18 miles but I’m not taking it today. I’m going on back roads, I think. This is the time of year when all the people from the south head back home before school starts next week. There’s a lot more traffic than usual. I’m just going to drive through the fields and take my time.

      • That’s a good idea — less traffic on back roads, and often they are more scenic and more relaxing to drive than the main highways, too! Take your time, and be safe ❤ !

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