You Will Laugh!

Brilliant funny post by Carrot, contributor to one of my favorite blogs, The Dihedral.

It begins:

Carrot walks into Berggasse 19 in Vienna’s 9th district, sitting there with cigar in hand greeting Carrot as he walks in is one Herrn Sigmund Freud.

Carrot: Nice to meet you Dr. Freud. Or is Sigmund okay? Ziggy?

Freud: You may call me whatever you like. Carrot is it?

Carrot: Yes my mother named me Carrot originally, it’s a long story but yeah, Carrot it is.

Freud: Do you realize your mother named you after a penis?”

Climbing with Freud

6 thoughts on “You Will Laugh!

  1. These names are not unknown to me. I have read at least two books over the climbing of the eiger and spent a few summer holidays when the kids were still kids in chalets and appartments with a constant view of the Eiger from the window. Hinterstoisser Quergang is not just a strange name for me but has its meaning as well as the Todes Biwak and the story of one of the first successes to the top of the Eiger marred by the descent where one was hanging in front of the entrance to the railway shaft and was just too far away to be helped by the guy that saw him from the railway and died. I found this link that explains it all, most tragic.

    • There’s a film about that tragedy naturally titled “The North Face.” It’s good. My favorite book about climbing the Eiger is Heinrich Harrar’s “White Spider.” Messner’s description of his ascent with his friend (forgot his name) is good. There’s a good story in a book by Jon Krakauer about how he didn’t climb the Eiger. 🙂 That book is Eiger Dreams. I only got to visit it twice — the first time, 1997, was the best. Maybe you were there!

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