Us fair-skinned, freckled, reddish haired (as was), Nordic types who love the outdoors get various skin cancers. I am not sure all the sunscreen in the world protects us completely and I also don’t think anyone always uses it or uses it as consistently as we should. Hats are good, but I hate them… AND THEN… back in the Beach Blanket Bingo days the goal was to get a tan and no sunscreen existed then, not to speak of. Baby Oil. Lame Coppertone. Coconut Oil. We basted ourselves; we didn’t protect ourselves.

Six years ago I had a squamous cell cancer taken off my left cheek (face). Now, in true Biblical form, I am about to have a similar cancer taken off my right cheek. The doctor is in Salida, which is cool. It’s a great town and a beautiful drive. I’m heading up Thursday, hopefully they’ll do everything right then and there, but I’m expecting two visits.

So young people… This is all good advice.

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  1. Best of luck to you and I’ve been going through the same. When the dr’s ask, I say, “yes, I did it all.”

  2. I remember those days when people tried to baste themselves brown. In Australia skin cancer is a big issue and the Cancer Council has run campaigns for decades. The most successful one was “Slip, Slop, Slap” as in slip on a T-shirt, slop on sunscreen and slap on a hat. Recently they have added Slide on sunglasses as well. I have read that some experts believe we should wear sunscreen whenever we go outside.
    I have to admit I hardly do any of those things. I don’t sunbake and I stay out of the sun in hot weather but I hate hats and sunglasses. I do wear a hat and sunscreen if I’m going to be outdoors for hours at a cricket match for instance. Sunglasses are annoying when you are trying to take photos. I tried them in Singapore but didn’t like them.

  3. Glad I am not fair skinned! But that doesn’t mean I should not use one. I’ve only started to use one maybe for the last ten years?
    Believe it or not, in a tropical country like the Philippines, you’d expect its peoples to be slathering on this stuff but no. With the high humidity and sunny skies, the sunscreen would come off in about half a minute anyways!

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