The Teddy Update

Teddy has been with us for six weeks and is coming into his own with his unique little personality. Actually, it’s a large personality, but a wonderful one. He loves learning — he’s learned to fetch. He is beginning to understand he needs to sit when he meets someone. He’s learning not to react to barking dogs on our walks. He has a great memory. When we meet people on our walks he remembers the houses and he looks for them just after one encounter. Yesterday I took him to meet a little girl who lives down the street — not Michelle, but another kid who loves dogs. They met. At her house there is a 4 foot wood fence in front so Teddy had to jump up to get meet her. As we passed her house today, he jumped up on that fence looking for her.

The bright side of the sore shoulder is that I have to walk each of them alone so Bear gets her long, slow rambles which I also love because I just love being with her, and Teddy gets trained.

He and Bear are really opposites. Bear doesn’t do anything to please me; that’s not one of her motives at all which is, I think, why it upsets her so much if I get angry at her. She has no idea why and she will never have any idea why. From the very first night she lived here I understood that she was exceptionally independent and far more likely to cooperate than learn tricks. Considering her breed, she’s happy and extremely well behaved, doesn’t mind living in a small house with a small yard. But she must guard, she must bark when she feels a need (not that often), she must have a fairly set routine. She has never had an “accident” (Teddy and every other dog in my life has) and has never really done anything wrong. She babysits Teddy every morning (he’s still a puppy) while I sleep until a human hour, then takes a break after breakfast. She KNOWS she’s babysitting and she does not let him bother me. She has taught him a lot, like not to eat the stuffing out of toys, where to pee and poop, where it’s OK to dig holes and where it’s not. Teddy, on the other hand, gets very happy when he has done something that garners praise and will work as hard for “Good boy!” as for a treat.

It’s really the livestock guardian dog (Bear) and the herding dog (Teddy) team here in this sheepless house. Both of them are very affectionate to me and even to each other. They are just nice dogs. ❤

My yard is a mess but I guess it could be fixed… Not this year, though. 😦

I’ve been so lucky — I was born into this world wanting a dog. It took 35 years before I had one of my own. I have had the chance to live with some very incredible beings, like Bear and Teddy. I know living with dogs might not be everyone’s life dream, but apparently it’s been one of mine.

17 thoughts on “The Teddy Update

  1. It sounds as if you’ve put together a nice little family! I’m so happy that Teddy fits in so nicely!

  2. Teddy fits in perfectly, doesn’t he? Fate definitely had a hand in here I think. 🙂

  3. What a great (furry) team! Love the picture of them. but as I sit here and try to help my Gracie shed her long coat, I feel less sorry for myself knowing what you are up against!

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