Morning Chat with Bear

“What, Bear? No, I don’t know why those aspen trees are yellow or there are yellow leaves on the ground under those cottonwoods. Don’t get your hopes up. It will come, but not any time soon. Today is going to be the hottest day of the summer. Yeah, I know Teddy was sick last night. I was with him the whole time. Ok, ok, you’re right. Not the whole time. There was that time you guys were outside together. I’m sorry, but I AM a little afraid of bats, anyway, I don’t want them in the house. Yeah, I think a doggy door would be good. I’m working on that one. What? We might get rain tomorrow? I don’t know. You DO know? You don’t know, Bear. You’re going to what? Oh, I think that’s a good idea before it gets hot again. Look out!!! You’re about to get ambushed!

13 thoughts on “Morning Chat with Bear

  1. Did the heat make Teddy sick? Poor little one. I thought of you Wednesday. I was at the doctor’s office and in walks this woman with this huge (huge!) old dog. He looked part German Shepherd but she said he was a Norwegian….something. He was 12 years old and the gentlest soul…. We started talking with the nurse and she said they are trying to get a support dog for all of us going through chemo. There is one at the pediatric oncology ward at the hospital. I could have pet him all day and thought, “If Martha could see this dog……”

    • Oh I wish I could have met him. ❤ I think everyone going through chemo and every other scary uncomfortable medical procedures should have a dog with them at all times. Was he a Norwegian elkhound?

      • Yes! I just looked that up and that’s him! Oh, Martha. He was huge but the most gentle soul. His human said he had lost a lot of weight lately from being ill, but he was beautiful. Thanks for finding his breed. I was just Googling Norwegian herding dogs….and coming up with nothing.

        • Norwegian Elkhounds are wonderful dogs, I understand. I would really love to meet one. His people must be amazing owners for him to have lived such a long life.

  2. Such fun photos of Teddy and Bear playing. I hope Teddy is feeling better. Bats? There are so many mosquitoes from the stream that runs through the woods behind our little yard that I wish for bats. But, I would not want one to get in the house. That’s the stuff nightmares are made of!

  3. What a cute photo of the ambush. It’s hot here in NJ, today it seems better though, after the heavy storms…a bit of coolness in the air.

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