Nouns, Verbs, Adjectives

Elaborate/elaborate. A friend (non-native but close to native speaker) and I have been discussing that nasty “ate” ending. When’s it a verb? When’s it an adjective? When’s it a noun?

It’s more or less this: “When a word containing an -ate suffix is a noun or an adjective, the vowel sound of the suffix is unstressed and is pronounced with a short i /ɪ/

Lots of people complain about English being complicated, but compared to a lot of other languages I’ve studied, it’s pretty simple. The thing is, no language we study is ever as “easy” as the one we already know.

17 thoughts on “Nouns, Verbs, Adjectives

  1. English can be challenging and it without doubt it has its quirks, but believe me, it’s nothing compared to Latin! 😀

  2. The English language! Spelled alike, but sounds different. Bear (grrr!) and bear (tolerate). Sounds alike, but is spelled differently. Bear (see previous) and bare (naked). Words, words, words. Got to love them.

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