Can’t write much about this topic of marbles. You see, I’ve lost mine. 🙂

My mom had a huge collection of marbles, I mean real, legit marbles, that she’d confiscated from her students during her years as a teacher. The best one was a shooter, an actual real and truly “Aggie” — made from an agate. There were all kinds and they were really beautiful — except the “steelies” which were, uh, steel, and broke other kid’s marbles. “We didn’t allow those on our playground,” she said which accounted for a comparatively large number of them in the bag. I still have the deerskin marble bag, but she never let us play with those marbles. She gave me the bag for my jacks and put the marbles in a jar on a high shelf. Strange to me thinking of it now, but I think they were her souvenir of a time in her life and maybe each little marble represented a kid in one of her classes, to her. I don’t know. I don’t know if kids even play marbles any more — they weren’t very popular when I was a little kid.

There was a gender break — girls played Jacks; boys played marbles. Why? What was that about? All of life’s mysteries and some of them are deeply trivial.

I have ONE marble — an orange cat’s eye I found in my garden when I turned over the dirt when I moved in.

In other political news (what?) and lost marbles, anyone else interested in setting up a completely new but secret government and slowly siphoning power away from DC and turning THAT into a reality show without any of them knowing? Message me if you are.

16 thoughts on “Shooters

  1. Both of my kiddos play and collect marbles – I love it. Every time we pass an antique store they ask to stop. I think they would have loved to look through your mother’s forbidden marble jar. 🙂

  2. Have you been watching The Handmaid’s Tale? You must have HULU. Trust me on this. Our government is amazing, no matter your perspective, or party. It was set up with checks and balances (sometimes abused), representation (unless you live in DC), and limitations on most offices. I never worry about politics. As I said the other day, I’m just not a political animal. I do vote, not by party (although it is sometimes a challenge to avoid), but by candidate and what they stand for. I never listen to the talking heads on TV. So much chatter. Opinions galore. Real news? What happened to real news? The facts. Not what the reporter thinks about the facts. So now you know how I feel about the news. Earthquake? My husband told me. That’s where I get my news. I’m sure I miss out on a lot.

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