The word “wind” makes me laugh because it blows most of the time here. All the trees list to the northeast FOREVER because of the the wind that comes down from the San Juans. That little poem about “who has seen the wind?” isn’t strictly true. During early spring plowing here you can see it, revealed by the dust.

I’ve written about the wind a LOT. Looking to see what, I looked for my posts and I can’t do better this morning than I’ve done already.

Wind, December 2018

River, Wind, Frogs and Birds

Wild, Windy Day (Photos ❤ )

4 thoughts on “Wind

  1. I like a breeze. Wind is one of my least favorite of all weather. If it’s dry, it blows dust. If it’s wet, it makes it worse. And if it snows, you have a blizzard.

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